Lab members



Prof. Terry Takahashi
Principal Investigator
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Beloved LeaderTM. Along with being the head of the lab, Terry is also the Director of the Institute of Neuroscience. He started his lab after post-doctoral research with Masakazu 'Mark' Konishi at Caltech. Selected publications can be accessed here.

Kip Keller

Clifford 'Kip' Keller
Post-doctoral researcher
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Kip is the glue holding the Takahashi Lab together: be it programming, surgery or behavior. He joined the lab after his graduate research with Walter Heiligenberg on the Jamming Avoidance Response of the weakly electric fish, Gymnotus. His list of publications can be found here.

Avinash Bala

Avinash D. Singh Bala
Post-doctoral researcher
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Avinash has a background in Microbiology and in Molecular Biology, and has worked on Sensory Behavior and Physiology in fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster), barn owls (Tyto alba), and humans (Homo sapiens). Owls are clearly the most fun, while humans are the fussiest subjects...his webpage is at:


Andrew Cvitanovich
Graduate Student
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Daphnee Bertau-Pavy
Research Assistant
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  Alexander Hoffman
Research Assistant
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Former Takahashi- Lab Members

Ted Cornforth
Hanna Smedtstadt
Caitlin Baxter
Jose Gallegos
Laci Helmhout
David Tran
Ben White

Graduate Students:

David Euston
Hugh Jarrard
Michael Spezio
Elizabeth Whitchurch

Post-doctoral fellows

Brian Nelson
Matthew Spitzer
Elizabeth Whitchurch
Shin Yanagihara