West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar Confirmed Opt-In Mailing List

The West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar confirmed opt-in mailing list is a list of email addresses of people to whom information should be sent each year about the West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar. People on the list should expect a few messages each year, roughly a preliminary announcement, a regular announcement, a final announcement, maybe a correction or two, and probably a request for suggestions of other people (particularly graduate students) who should be told about the West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar.

The list is not to be used for any purpose not directly related to West Coast Operator Algebra Seminars. Under no circumstances may the list be posted on the internet or to any public forum.

One must ask to be added to the list. (Email N. Christopher Phillips.) Then one must confirm that one really wants to be on the list. Records will be kept. These procedures conform to generally accepted practice for mailing lists to be provably not spam. See, for example, the discussions at the antispam sites SpamHaus and Al Iverson's spam resource.

Any person on the list can have their email address removed from the list at any time by emailing N. Christopher Phillips.

Mathematicians tend to be somewhat cavalier about constructing email lists for conferences. However, there are already organizers spamming for conferences. Here are examples, all sent to me (an operator algebraist):

Moreover, some commercial mailing list operators are already requiring confirmed opt-in, such as FutureQuest and mailer mailer. It may well only be a matter of time before my system administrator requires confirmed opt-in.