Spamvertising for

This page lists repeated spams on behalf of pages on "", which appear to be pornographic web sites. Since the main locations advertised are apparently Windows executable files, they might also be something that tries to install malicious code on the computers of visitors to the site.

SpamCop reports and as the appropriate contacts for complaints about the spamvertised web pages at "". Repeated complaints there have yielded nothing but form letters acknowledging receipt; the spam kept coming, just for different pages on the same domain. SpamCop also reports,, and as "Administrator of network where email originates", but complaints there via SpamCop did nothing to stop the spam. It only stopped after I asked the local computer administrator to block it.

The spams are reproduced as received, with full headers, except that my account and machine have been X'd out to keep my email from being harvested by spammers, and every "http" has been X'd out so that I don't provide working links to the spamvertised web sites.