Large Subalgebras and the Structure of Crossed Products (University of Wyoming, June 2015)

This is the home page for N. C. Phillips' short course "Large Subalgebras and the Structure of Crossed Products" at University of Wyoming, Laramie, 1--5 June 2015.

Here are pdf files of printable versions of the slides. Minor corrections have been made. (The uncorrected version of Lecture 1 was replaced by a corrected version on 8 June. Misprints surely remain: please let me know about any you find! Further corrections will be posted if appropriate, with posting dates.) The slides not actually shown are included. The pictures have been omitted.

Draft lecture notes, version of 8 October 2016. Since the previously posted version (5 June 2015), Section 5 has been written and added, and numerous mistakes (including mathematical mistakes) have been corrected. One warning: it refers to version 2 of my paper on large subalgebras, which (as of 8 October 2016) has not yet been posted.

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Last significant change 8 June 2015.