Volume 32         Number 2                                                                                   February 2002

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1.     The 2002 CAPN Meeting in Eugene, Oregon (March 15-16, 2002)

a.     Lodging

b.     Directions

c.      Registration

d.     Program

2.     In Memoriam: Carl A. Roebuck and Rose Mary Wagoner

3.     Directory of CAPN Members

4.     Call for CAPN Scholarship Applications

5.     CAPN Dues Form for All Members -- 2002 Membership (2nd request)

6.     Conference Registration Form


In Memoriam

Carl A. Roebuck

Carl Roebuck was my first boss, when I started my teaching career at Northwestern University in 1963.  What I particularly appreciated was his steady and firm but benevolent hand on the tiller of the Classics dept.  At his urging I expanded the repertoire of my teaching, and his one or two official visits to my classroom resulted in really constructive suggestions for improvement.  He made sure that I as the junior member had a timetable that allowed me one day  a week totally free for my own research.  I would also add that my wife Jenny and I were particularly grateful for the hospitality, both departmental and personal, that Carl and Mary offered us.  They were also like substitute grandparents when our first child arrived.  I don't think I could have had a better initiation into the arcana of the Classics teaching profession, and I'm sure other, similar stories would be forthcoming from those younger Classicists with whom Carl may have come into contact in the course of his long career.

                                                                                    Tony Podlecki

                                                                                    University of British Columbia

[The Editor's apologies for neglecting to include Professor Podlecki's note in the fall issue of the Bulletin]

Rose Mary Wagoner

We regret to note the passing of Rose Mary Wagoner this past September.  Rose Mary was well-known to CAPN members and the classical community of the Pacific Northwest at large, especially at the University of Washington where she earned both a BA and an MA degree in Classics.  Rose Mary went on to teach Latin, English, and World History at Holy Angels High School and later at Kennedy High School.  She was extremely active in several Classics organizations at both the local and the national level, having served at one time as the State Chairman of the Junior Classical League and as National Secretary for the American Classical League.  For many years she faithfully served as the CAPN representative to the ACL, attending their summer meetings and writing reports for the CAPN Bulletin that were a model of their kind.  She was a familiar sight in Denny Hall and on the UW campus, where for many years after her retirement she continued to take courses.  Those of us who had the privilege to know Rose Mary are much the richer for the experience.

                                                                                    Alain M. Gowing

                                                                                    University of Washington