PPPM 626

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PPPM 626



Term Offered, Day, Time:

Winter, 1999, Wednesdays from 3-6 pm, 3 credits, CRN 24826

Room location: 152 ED


Maradel Gale - 130 Hendricks Hall

Nancy Peyron - 130 Hendricks Hall

Objectives of Course:

This course provides the necessary information, skills, and attitudes to enable sojourners interested in living and working in cultures other than their own to adjust to and function productively in new environments. Students will learn how to examine the value orientation, customs, and expectations of their host community and how to enjoy positive, exhilarating growth experiences. In this course, we will examine our own cultural identities and explore our own assumptions in relation to ourselves and the cultures we live in, with a special emphasis on understanding our impact on others.

Means by which course objectives are realized:

Approaches to learning about cross-cultural concepts will include lectures, simulations, group exercises, skills practice through role-plays, film reviews, response papers, and cultural autobiographies.

Methods for assessment of student work and progress toward realization of

course objectives:

This is a laboratory class, so attendance is mandatory;
Participation in class discussion, simulations and role-plays;
Completion of reading assignments, film analyses, response papers covering topics introduced in the course, and a cultural autobiography.

Course readings include:

The Art of Crossing Cultures, by Craig Storti, and selected readings throughout the course.



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