Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands Handicrafts Cooperative will receive assistance this summer from Sue Cutsogeorge. Sue will help reorganize coop operations so the organization can readily adapt to the changing business environment. In addition, she will help train the new manager who will replace Mary Lanwi. Mary is retiring after successfully running the coop and providing a retail outlet to hundreds of women on the outer atolls for over 20 years. For the past seven years, Sue has been a financial advisor on Wall Street. She is currently a graduate student in public affairs at the UO with a passion for quilting and a keen interest in crafts and fiber arts.

Technical Assistant Kit Cottrell will be working on an agricultural extension project for the Marshall Islands Department of Resources and Development. As part of his job he will be traveling to several locations in the Marshalls including Laura, Wotje and Arno. Kit is a graduate student in community and regional planning at the UO and has spent many summers on a farm in Vermont where he learned about the management and maintenance of agricultural operations.

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