American Samoa

In the Fall of 1995, Kevin Donald will be helping the American Samoan Office of Archives and Records Management on an archives planning and public policy project. Kevin is pursuing his Ph.D. in anthropology and has worked at the Bishop Museum and Smithsonian Museum in curation, accession and management of artifacts, and cultural records.

Kris Poasa will be assisting the director of drug and alcohol services at American Samoa Community College to conduct a counseling services program evaluation. Kris is a third year doctoral student in counseling psychology at the UO. Her area of interest is cross-cultural psychology. She has spent a total of nine years working in the Pacific Islands, mainly in the Samoas.

Returning Technical Assistant Eldon Haines will be using his Ph.D. in chemistry and experience in solar energy to work on an energy conservation project for the American Samoa Energy Office. Last year, Eldon helped develop a science curriculum for the Palau school system.

The American Samoan Coastal Management Program will benefit from the expertise of another returning Technical Assistant, Linda Rose. Linda has a Ph.D. in education and will help design a public education program for coastal environment awareness. Last summer, Linda and her husband, Eldon Haines, worked for the Ministry of Education in Palau developing a science framework.

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