Library Development Program

The MSPP recently assisted with the acquisition of a large card catalog for the library at the College of the Marshall Islands in Majuro. On a visit to Majuro, librarian Margaret Edmundson showed Maradel Gale the sad state of the overcrowded small card catalog owned by the library. Margaret asked if there might be some way the MSPP library program could help the college obtain a larger card catalog.

Elizabeth Caraker, graduate research assistant for the MSPP, spent time on the phone in Eugene, hoping to find a school which was converting to a computerized cataloging system and which would no longer need a hard copy catalog system. She connected with Molly Hansbrough, school librarian at Adams Elementary School in Eugene. Molly was excited when Elizabeth called as she had been concerned about the future of the fine piece of furniture that was becoming redundant in their new library. She was delight ed to find another home for the catalog at this distant school. The MSPP library development grant provided the funds to crate and ship the very heavy and bulky item from Eugene to Majuro, where it arrived in late August.

The card catalog has been installed in the college library, and is shown here being utilized by Richard Jally, CMI library technician.

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