SEEKING: Pacific Island Agencies Wanting Technical Assistance

It's that time of the year again! In November and December, the Micronesia and South Pacific Technical Assistance Program identifies agencies in the Pacific islands that are interested in receiving technical assistance through our program. The typical project is one that can be completed during a three-month period. To be considered for participation in the program, agencies need to (1) define a project, (2) identify a counterpart in the agency who will work with the technical assistant for more than twenty hours a week, and (3)agree to provide housing for the technical assistant and cover any project-related expenses. The MSPP covers airfare for the technical assistant and provides an allowance for meals while technical assistants are on the job. Agencies that want to participate in the program or that need more information may contact Maradel Gale, Director, Micronesia and South Pacific Program, 5244 University of Oregon, Eugene OR 97403-5244, USA; telephone (541) 346-3815; fax (541) 346-2040; E-mail
If you are haven't experienced the MSPP and want to learn more about it, we can put you in contact with supervisors and counterparts in agencies in your region who have worked with our outstanding advanced graduate students. Let us hear from you with your interesting project ideas.


Micronesia and South Pacific Program
5244 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403 USA
(541) 346-3815; FAX (541) 346-2040

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