World Wide Web Home Page
by Pat French

In January 1995 the Micronesia and South Pacific Program went global on the Internet with its own home page. Having a site on the World Wide Web allows us to offer information about our programs to the rest of the world. Anyone who has access to the Web can search for sites with information about Micronesia, and they will be directed to the MSPP home page. Many people have found their way to our home page from countries as far away as Israel, Switzerland, China, Italy, and South Africa.
Information about several MSPP programs can be found on the home page, along with Going Places (the program newsletter, which is published several times a year) and information about MSPP staff members. Our home page also links people to other pages that offer information about Micronesia. Clint Chiavarini, the creator of our home page, and a technical assistant with the program, frequently updates our Web site, adding more bells and whistles whenever the spirit moves him.
You can find us on the Web at

Pat French works in the Micronesia and South Pacific Program office. She is a first-year graduate student in the Community and Regional Planning Program at the University of Oregon. You can learn more about Pat and the rest of our staff on our home page.