The Legacy of Janet McCoy
Janet McCoy was the last high commissioner of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands. She served in that position from 1981 until she became assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior for Territorial and International Affairs. Following her retirement in 1988, she moved to the rural community of Scottsburg on the Umpqua River in western Oregon. Over the years, Janet became a friend and supporter of the Micronesia and South Pacific Program, sharing ideas with the staff. It is with sadness that we report her passing on August 4, 1995.
Throughout her life, Janet was a groundbreaker. She was selected as one of the first officer candidates in the Womens Army Auxiliary Corps during World War II and served as a second and first lieutenant. Following the war, Janet worked in radio and television broadcasting in the Los Angeles area. She later became active in the travel industry and was executive director of the Western America Convention and Travel Institute. Janets advice and friendship will be missed by the MSPP.


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