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During my professional career I have presented several hundred talks and workshops.

Here is a list of some general areas in which I feel well prepared to offer workshops of 1/2 to 1 day or more in length. Each is an area in which I have developed and written substantial amounts of material.

  • Introduction to Educational Implications of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Planning, Forecasting, and Inventing Possible Futures of Computers in Education.

  • Roles of Information and Communication Technology in Talented and Gifted Education for K-8 students.

  • Educational Uses of Games.

  • Introduction to Roles of Computers in Problem Solving.

  • Information Technology-Assisted Project-Based Learning.

  • Obtaining Resources for Technology in Education: An Introduction to Writing Proposals, Forming Partnerships, and Raising Funds.

  • Improving Mathematics Education: Roles of Brain Science, Information & Communications Technology , and the Craft & Science of Teaching & Learning.

  • Planning and Implementing Staff Development for Information Technology in Education.

  • Overview of ICT in Education, a workshop focussing on content for a second ICT course for preservice and inservice teachers. An anternative title is Moving Beyond the Basics: Higher-Order Roles of Information Technology in Education.

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