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Information and Communication Technology-Based Paradigm Shifts in Higher Education

David Moursund
Teacher Education, College of Education
University of Oregon
6/13/05 seventy-five minute presentation

This Webpage was developed to support a keynote presentation at a University of Oregon faculty workshop. The workshop was organized by Jeff Magoto, Director of the Yamada Language Center at the University of Oregon.

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This presentation is a small part of a weeklong workshop for University of Oregon faculty who want to learn more about educational uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It provides an overview on ways to use ICT to:

  • Significantly improve the education of our students.
  • Help faculty deal with some of their (changing) professional responsibilities.

To do this, we examine some of the fundamental goals and methodologies of education, and we will look for possible major paradigm shifts that are facilitated by ICT and research in education.

While most of the workshop is “hands-on,” this is not a hands-on-computers session. Rather, it is a “brain and minds-on cognitive session designed to help you build foundations for your future learning and use of ICT.

If the ideas covered during this session interest you, then you may want to read some of the free books and other materials on ICT in education that I have written and that I make available at