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Articles and Miscellaneous Documents

Listed here are a few of my articles and miscellaneous other documents . Also see my Editorials from Learning & Leading with Technology.

Moursund, D.G. (7/6/06). Some Personal Thoughts About Research on Using Games in Education. This is an 11 page paper I presented at NECC 2006 in San Diego. PDF File; Microsoft Word File.

Moursund, D.G. (November 2005). Computers in Education for Preservice School Teachers. A document in Microsoft Word that discusses and illustrates self-assessment, especially for college students.

Moursund, D.G. (December 2004). General Planning for ICT in Teacher Education: Template for 1-Credit Course. Click here for a Microsoft Word document that discusses the planning for a one-credit course, provides a detailed template for use in the planning, and contains two examples of use of the template. Click here for a pdf version of the same document.

Moursund, D.G. (November, 2004). Me, a course of study. Naperville, Illinois: Learning Point Associates.

Moursund, D.G. (May 2003). On the Edge of Soon. Learning and Leading with Technology. v30 n8.

Moursund, D.G. (2002a) Information and Education: A Personal Perspective. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education [Online]. Accessed 11/13/04:

Moursund, D.G. (2002b). Getting to the second order: Moving beyond amplification uses of information and communications technology in education. Learning and Leading with Technology. v30 n1.

Moursund,D.G. (2002c). Brief Introduction to Problem Solving. (About the length of a substantial book chapter.)

ISTE Research Committee (February 2001). Recommendations for Research and Development in Information Technology in Education.

Moursund, D.G. (2000). Four Readings written for use in the EDST 114 course that is required of all students in the Integrated Teaching preservice elementary education program at the University of Oregon.

Moursund, D.G. and Smith, I. (2000). Five Research Summaries on IT in Education.

Moursund. D.G. (November 1999). Digital Technology: Transforming Schools and Improving Learning. In Day, B. (Ed.) Teaching and Learning in the New Millennium. Indianapolis, Indiana: Kappa Delta Pi.

Moursund, D.G. (June, 1995). Site-based management: Saving our schools. Communications of the ACM. Volume 38, Issue 6, pp. 13-15.

Doris K. Lidtke, David G. Moursund: Computers in Schools: Past, Present, and How we can change the Future. Commun. ACM 36(5): 84-87 (1993)

Yates, Billy C. and Moursund, D.G. (Dec./Jan. 1988/89). The Computer and Problem Solving: How Theory can Support Classroom Practice. The Computing Teacher. Eugene, OR: ICCE.

Moursund, D.G. (November 1984). To improve education. (Computers and education.) Creative Computing Vol. 10, No. 11, p 180. Creative Computing was started at nearly the same time as Learning and Leading with Technology (which began life in June 1974 as the Oreogn Computing Teacher). The November 1984 issue of Creative Computing provides important historical information about the field of computers in education. It is available at [Accessed 10/3/02]

Moursund, D.G. (1984, 1993, 1996,1999). Four Editorials on What We Should Be Spending on IT in Education. This is a compilation of four editorials originally published in Learning and Leading with Technology and its predecessor.

Jean B. Rogers, David G. Moursund, Gerald L. Engel: Preparing Precollege Teachers for the Computer Age. Commun. ACM 27(3): 195-200 (1984)

Moursund, D.G. (1975). Computer Literacy Quiz. Accessed 1/5/06: This quiz was created by Professor David Moursund from the University of Oregon. He created the quiz for the first day of his students' 1975 winter term computer concepts course. The average score was 14.75 (random guessing would have produced an average score of 12). The quiz was later published in The Best of Creative Computing Volume 2 (1978), by David Ahl. It is an excellent resource for looking at how much the nature of computer literacy has changed in such a short period of time.


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    . The first Edition (1/31/04) is available at the same site.
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  18. Moursund, D.G. (1990). Getting Smarter At Solving Problems: Teacher's Manual. (This is an extensive Teacher's Manual written to accompany the Getting Smarter book.)
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Course Syllabi

Course Syllabus. Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age I. Access at

Course Syllabus. Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age II. Access at

Course Syllabus. Roles of Computer Technology in Problem Solving. Access at

Course Syllabus. Information and Communication Technology-Assisted Project-Based Learning. Access at

The two courses listed immediately above are one-credit courses. Click here for a Microsoft Word document that discusses the planning for such a course, provides a detailed template for use in the planning, and contains two examples of use of the template. Click here for a pdf version of the same document.


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