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Information Age Education Preservice and Inservice K-12 Teachers and Other Educators.

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Computational Thinking Symposium 4/11/08.

Some Recent Free Books by Dave Moursund

Moursund, D.G. (October 2007). Introduction to problem solving in the Information Age. Eugene, Oregon: Information Age Education. Access at http://uoregon.edu/~moursund/Books/IAE-PS/index.htm.

Moursund, D.G. (May 2007). A College Student's Guide to Computers in Education. Access at http://uoregon.edu/~moursund/Books/

Moursund, D.G. (April 2007). A Faculty Member's Guide to Computers in Higher Education. Access at http://uoregon.edu/~moursund/Books/Faculty/Faculty.html.

Moursund, D.G. (August 2006). Parents' Guide to Computers in Education. Access at http://uoregon.edu/~moursund/Books/Parents/Parents-Guide.html.

Moursund, D.G. (June 2006). Introduction to Using Games in Education: A Guide for Teachers and Parents. Access at http://uoregon.edu/~moursund/Books/Games/games.html.

Moursund, D.G. (June 2006). Computational Thinking and Math Maturity: Improving Math Education in K-8 Schools. Access at http://uoregon.edu/~moursund/Books/ElMath/ElMath.html.

Moursund, D.G. (2006). Computers in Education for Talented and Gifted Students: A Book for Elementary and Middle School Teacher. Access at http://uoregon.edu/~moursund/Books/TAG/TAG.html.

Moursund, D.G. (2005, 2006). Brief Introduction to Educational Implications of Artificial Intelligence. Access at http://uoregon.edu/~moursund/Books/AIBook/index.htm.

Information Age Education (A New Project)

The Information Age Education project provides free resources to help improve education to people of all ages throughout the world.

One component is an Information Age Education Wiki available at http://IAE-pedia/. People from throughout the world are free to contribute materials and edit the materials submitted by others. The software and general approach being used are similar to that being used by the Wikipedia.

A second component focusses on materials that can be read online and/or downloaded under a Creative Commons Licence 3.0. All of the books listed above, plus additional books, are available at the Website http://i-a-e.org/.

Other Free Materials: These are books, articles, editorials, and Websites that I have developed and that I make available free of charge.

Oregon Technology in Education Council: An extensive Website I maintain to support the work of the Oregon Technology in Education Council.

Presentations: Some of my talks, workshops, and consulting topics and areas.

Quotations: Brief quotes that I feel I might someday use in my writings.

Teaching: Courses that I have taught in recent years.

Vita: Short "Blurb" and Longer Vita for Dave Moursund


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Wow! One of My Older Books is Valuable

Recently I was browsing books available on Amazon.com and came across:

Increasing Your Expertise as a Problem Solver: Some Roles of Computers by David G. Moursund (Paperback - Jan 1996)

1 Used & new from $102.29

This book is available free on my Website:

Moursund, D.G. (1996). Increasing Your Expertise as a Problem Solver: Some Roles of Computers. Access at http://uoregon.edu/~moursund/Books/PS-Expertise/index.htm.