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Implementation Grant Proposal

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This document contains most of the contents of a Preparing Tomorrows Teachers to use Technology proposal submitted to the US Department of Education on 7 March 2000. The proposal was successful, and was funded for a three year period beginning June 2000.

The total amount of funds requested in this 3-year proposal was $1,286,512. The proposal was required to have non-federal "matching" funds in excess of the amount requested from the federal government.

(A $21,000 of supplemental funding was awarded to the project during its second year. This was to facilitate more outreach and sharing with other projects and with people who do not have PTTT project funding.)

The two purposes in posting this proposal are:

  • For use in courses that include a discussion of grant writing for technology in education.
  • To assist others who may want to write a PTTT Implementation Grant proposal.

The complete proposal is included, with the exception of some financial and cost-sharing details.


Dave Moursund

Theproposal was written by Dr. Dave Moursund, a professor in the College of Education at the University of Oregon. Dr. Moursund is the founder of the International Society for Technology in Education. In 1971, he and Dr. Keith Acheson established the doctoral program in Computers in Education at the University of Oregon. Dr. Moursund's professional Web site is at Dave Moursund's IT in Education Main Page. A resume is available on that Web site.