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Computers in Preservice and
Inservice Teacher Education

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This Website is for faculty in preservice and inservice teacher education programs. Its goal is to improve the Information and Communication (ICT) knowledge and skills of preservice and inservice teachers. This Website provides aids to:

  • assessing a person's education-oriented ICT knowledge and skills;
  • developing teacher education programs that adequately prepare all preservice teachers in the field of ICT in education;
  • increasing a person's ICT in education general background knowledge. Click here for a very brief introduction to the Craft and Science of ICT in education. Click here for a brief overview of the field of ICT in education.

Main Topics Covered in this Website

Self-assessment instruments. One self-assessment, 7-point scale instrument for each of five major components of the field of ICT in teacher education.

Rationale. Support and rationale for the specific topics and ideas covered in each of the self-assessment instruments, and for the 7-point the scale used in the instruments.

Discussion of legal and ethical issues. Preservice and inservice teachers must be above reproach as they deal with a variety of ICT legal and ethical issues.

Discussion of Special and Gifted education issues. ICT in Special and Gifted education for general education preservice and inservice teachers.

Planning for increasing student ICT expertise. A discussion of what Teacher Education faculty can do to build the ICT expertise of their students.

One-credit courses. Discussion of possible one-credit and/or single topic required and/or optional ICT in education courses.

Partial support for the development of this Website is being provided by The Quiet Revolution, a Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to use Technology project in the College of Education at the University of Oregon. The PTTT project is funded by a 3-year (2000-2003) $1.2 million grant from the US Department of Education, with an equal amount of matching funds provided by non-federal sources.

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