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Moursund, David (June 2007). A College Student's Guide to Computers in education. Self published.

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This short book is for undergraduate and graduate college and university students, and for others thinking about enrolling in higher education courses. The information and ideas presented will help you to obtain an education that will be useful to you throughout your life in our rapidly changing Information Age world.

Change is an underlying theme of this book. You are living at a time of a rapid technological change. The rate of change is increasing. Such change brings with it both threats and opportunities. You can shape your informal and formal education to diminish the threats and increase the opportunities. 

Gaining a competitive advantage is another underlying theme of the book. Whatever your areas of interest, you can gain a competitive advantage by developing a higher level of expertise in the areas and by developing an increased level of expertise in using computers in the areas. Computer technology is a powerful aid to representing and helping to solve problems and accomplish tasks in every academic discipline.

This book is a companion to A Faculty Member’s Guide to Computers in Higher Education, which is available free on the Website The two books share many of the same ideas, but these ideas are presented from two quite different points of view.