Project-based Learning Using Information Technology

David Moursund

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Moursund, D.G. (1999). Project-based learning using information technology (Selected Chapters) Eugene, OR: ISTE.

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Reprinted with permission from ISTE (the International Society for Technology in Education. 800.336.5191 (U.S. & Canada) or 541.302.3777,, Reprint permission does not constitute an endorsement by ISTE of the product, training, or course. The materials that follow are from a next-to-final version of the above named book. A revised version of the full book was published by ISTE on 11/05/2002 and is available for sale by ISTE.

Table of Contents of Currently Available Chapters


Chapter 1: Introduction and a PBL Example

Chapter 2: Overview of IT-assisted PBL

Chapter 3: Some PBL Lesson Topic Ideas

Chapter 4: The Case for PBL

Chapter 7: Assessment in IT-assisted PBL

Additional Moursund Writings on PBL

Moursund, D.G. Workshop on IT-Assisted Project-Based [Online]. accessed 11/11/01: This site contains sufficient materials for a two day workshop or a one-credit short course of Project-Based Learning. It includes an extensive annotated bibliography.

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