The Future of Information Technology in Education
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       The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) promotes appropriate uses of technology to support and improve learning, teaching, and administration. As part of that mission, ISTE's goal is to provide individuals and organizations with high-quality and timely information, materials, and services that support technology in education.


       Our Books and Courseware Department works with educators to develop and produce classroom-tested materials and resources that support ISTE's mission. We look for content that emphasizes the use of technology where it can make a difference-making the teacher's job easier; saving time; motivating students; helping students with various learning styles, abilities, or backgrounds; and creating learning environments that are new and unique or that would be impossible without technology.


       We develop products for students, classroom teachers, lab teachers, technology coordinators, and teacher educators, as well as for parents, administrators, policy makers, and visionaries. All of us face the challenge of keeping up with new technologies and the research about their educational applications while we are learning about and implementing appropriate applications in our teaching/learning situations. Please help us in our efforts to help you by providing feedback about this book and other ISTE products and by giving us your suggestions for further development.


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