Marli Bryant Miller, geology
Marli Bryant Miller

B.A. Colorado College, 1982
M.S. University of Washington, 1987
Ph.D. University of Washington, 1992

email: millerm (at)


Research Interests

My research emphasizes the use of small-scale structures to reconstruct the structural and kinematic histories of high strain zones. I am especially interested in the transition from brittle to ductile behavior in these zones at meso- to microscopic scales. Much of my work is in Death Valley, California where I am also involved with tectonic interpretations.

Teaching Interests

Ultimately, I think this whole science of geology boils down to teaching--if we can't communicate what we've learned, what good is it? Fortunately, the geology department here really values teaching, so there are plenty of people with whom I can share ideas.

Earth's Dynamic Interior (Geol 101)

Environmental Geology and Landscape Development (Geol 102)

Geology of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

Geology of the National Parks

Structural Geology

Field Geology


List of refereed publications

Geology Photographs : (I like to take pictures)
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Geologic Maps of National Parks.  Maps of Crater Lake, Death Valley, Glacier, Grand Teton, Mt. Rainier, North Cascades, Rocky Mountain, and Yellowstone National Parks.
Geologic Map of Oregon. A detailed, yet simplified map based on the 1991 Oregon State Geologic Map.

Basin and Range Province, aerial photos --12 aerial photos of ranges, faults, and playas from different parts of the Basin and Range.

Photos and geology of Death Valley National Park, California.

Editorial on Geologic Time
....It doesn't take an advanced degree to see that Earth is old.  All it takes is an open mind, a few observations, and some common sense.

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