Environmental Geology and Landscape Development

Week 8

**important note: we will be discussing coastal processes instead of arid environments at the end of this week (week 9 discussion is on coastlines).  We will get to arid environments after coastal processes

Monday, February 21
Depositional features of glaciers
Pleistocene Glaciation and climate

Reading for Monday: Chapter 14, Glacier Systems, p. 352-366.  Study the first 4 pages of this section (on valley glaciers) carefully, as we will emphasize this topic in lecture.  Take an especially close look at figure 14.12.  Compare 14.12C with figure 14.13.

**Written Essay, due Monday.   Determine a topic for your final essay (due Friday, March 3).  Hand-in a title, list of at least two useful references (2 minimum), and a paragraph explaining what the topic is and why it interests you.  Refer to our web page for ideas if youíre drawing a blank.

Wednesday, February 23  Finish Glaciers
                                              Start Coasts and shorelines

Friday, February 25  Coasts and Shorelines

Reading for Wednesday: Chapter 14, Glacier Systems, p. 366-385.  Skim through the section on Pleistocene glaciation to get a handle on how profoundly the "ice ages" affected the landscape we see today.  Then read carefully the section on "causes of glaciation" (p. 381-384).

Reading for Friday: Chapter 15, Shoreline Systems, p. 386-393.  Make sure you understand the concept of Longshore drift.

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