Environmental Geology and Landscape Development

***Week 2***

Monday, January 10      Finish Rocks and Rock Cycle

Reading for Monday: Read the brief section on unconformities on p. 174-175.  Unconformites are incredibly important to the rock cycle, because they form wherever igneous and metamorphic rocks have come to the surface (they form elsewhere too).  On the web, look at http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~millerm/uncon.html for photos and description.

Wednesday, January 12   Weathering

Reading for Wednesday: chapter 10, Weathering, p. 226-242.  Make sure you understand the difference between mechanical (physical) and chemical weathering.  Note that all types of mechanical weathering involve fracture of the rock.  How do mechanical and chemical weathering work together?   The chemical equations of p. 234-235 illustrate the main processes of chemical weatheringódonít try to memorize them, but do look at them to see how theyíre relevant.

Friday, January 14   Weathering and soil

Reading for Friday: chapter 10, Weathering, p. 243-251.  Pay special attention to the section "Climate and Weathering" on p. 247-249.  Make sure you understand Figures 10.18, 10.19.

**Written Essay, due Friday.  In <300 words, summarize the concept of weathering.  What is it?  How do mechanical and chemical weathering processes interact?  How are they controlled by climate?  Why is this important? 

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