Environmental Geology and Landscape Development
Geol 102

General Course Information

Instructor: Marli Miller, Volcanology 214

Phone: 346-4410.  You can always leave a message.
email: millerm@darkwing
Office hours:  TBA

Graduate Teaching Fellows:  TBA

Office Hours:

Text: Earthís Dynamic Systems, 8th ed. by Hamblin and Christiansen

Grades: Grades are based on written assignments, the discussion section, one midquarter exam, and a final exam.  Each is worth the following percentage of your final grade:

 Midquarter exam 20%
 Final exam 30%
 Written Assignments 25%
 Discussion sections 25%

Exams will consist of about half short-answer and half multiple choice.  The final exam will be cumulative.  If your final exam score is higher than your midterm, I will use the final exam score for both.

Written Assignments are crucial to understanding the material.

Short essays:  I will assign four short (<300 words) throughout the quarter and will grade them on a check, check +, check - basis.  All together, they are worth 10% of your grade.  If you receive at least a check on all but one of the assignments, you will receive all 10%.  For every check- beyond one, youíll lose 1.5 points off the total.  Missing homework equals 2 check -; a check+ cancels  a check-.

Longer essay: Due Friday, March 3.  By itself, this assignment is worth 15% of your grade.  It can be on any topic covered in the class, including those on which youíve already written short essays.  This essay must contain a reference list, should contain illustrations, and be between 500-750 words long.

Note: All assignments should be typed.  However, if the computers or printers crash, you may write it by hand--neatly.  For full credit, homework must be handed in on time.  I will accept late papers only if you contact me or leave a message at least a day before it is due.
Discussion Sections meet once a week, beginning with week 1.  They provide an essential part of the course.

Field Trips There will be 3 optional field trips for this course.  More information to follow, but you will need to bring your own lunch food, warm clothing, and for the overnight trip, camping gear.

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