Geology 101

This site will grow throughout the quarter. 

General links

Geology 101 at University of Oregon: a lot of great information about introductory geology.

Geology --a description of Geology and some resources, designed for people who want to pursue engineering degrees.

Earth Science links. --a long list of geological links, maintained by Dr. Rebecca Dorsey of U of Oregon.

Geological Photographs. --index of photos on this website.

National Park Geology: a geology site put out by the NPS--check out the "Park Geology Tour".

National Park Service/USGS "Park Interpreter" Site --a growing site on geology of National Parks with the park interpreter in mind. Very informative with some useful links.

San Andreas fault. --an outstanding source by some noted experts.

GORP--Great Outdoor Recreation Pages--a lot of diverse and useful information about natural areas, including National Parks.

"About Geology".  --a very useful resource.  Includes many state geologic maps and a lot of great information.


Rocks and Minerals

Photos of Rocks --Quiz yourself!

Minerals --information about just about every mineral there is! Go to minerals "by name" and pick what you want to learn about.

Photos of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks --photos of outcrops

Photos of igneous rocks, textures, etc. --more photos.

Rock Cycle --Description with a great illustration from the University of Saskatchewan.

Rock Cycle --Description with another good illustration from U. of British Columbia.

Igneous Rocks --good photographs and information--by Dr. Pamela Gore at Georgia Perimeter College.


Volcanism and Cascades Volcanoes

Cascade Volcano Observatory (CVO)--US Geological Survey site --all sorts of information.

Mt. St. Helens--a USGS site. Information about all aspects of Mt. St. Helens.

Different types of volcanoes --From the CVO page. Good clear descriptions with photos.

Volcanoes --a huge warehouse of information on volcanoes from all over the world. Sponsored by Dartmouth.


Geologic Contacts

Photographs of contacts and the criteria used to distinguish between them.

Unconformities.  Photographs and description.


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