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Places to Go and Things To Do

Age: U.S. Elementary Grade 1/2 through Adult

Language Level:
Beginning - Advanced

Technical Level: Int. - Adv.


This activity introduces students to information on a given topic in a discovery-style format that provides structure and focus. This is a great way to give students a jump-start on the Web with high-interest and high-quality sites. Be aware, however, that it will take time for the instructor to research those sites and come up with a useful collection.


Reading Writing 3, Harry and the Hendersons
International AIDS Awareness Day
ESL CALL Class -- Places To Go and Things To Do
Native Americans (RW Class, Content Unit)
U.S. Thanksgiving


  • To introduce students to a collection of high-quality resources available on the Internet that relate to a given topic.
  • To encourage students to look for specific details about the topic at each site.
  • To make available multi-media and interactive experiences outside of what is available in the classroom (e.g. sound files, movie files, interactive quizzes or activities, etc.).


  • Assign students to visit 1 or 2 sites and report back to the class, "jigsaw" style.
  • Ask students to think of additional questions or tasks for the "To Do" part of the sites.
  • Have students create "To Go/To Do" activities for topics of their own choosing. If they are unable to create a website, they can write or type the information on paper.

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