TECH-NIQUES, Ready-To-Use Activities
for Language and Internet Technology

Reading for Riches

Age: U.S. Elementary Grade 1/2 through Adult

Language Level:
Beginning - Advanced

Technical Level: Beginning - Adv.


The key to successful use of instructional technology, of course, is its integration into the curriculum. A reading by itself is not nearly as useful as one where the teacher introduces unfamiliar vocabulary, sets a task, and does follow-up activities in class. This template creates a "tailor made" activity, combining language and technology in a fun way.




  • To provide high-interest readings that tie into classroom topics and curriculum.
  • To provide students with reading support in the form of vocabulary and tasks for thinking and writing.


[Teacher tip: make these tasks as concrete as possible, especially for beginning and intermediate-level students.]

  • Write a story from personal experience that is related to the reading.
    Student Newspapers are a good place to compare stories, and look for publishing ooportunities.
  • Write a related story and illustrate it.
  • Discuss an issue related to the reading.
  • Do a hands-on activity such as cooking. See Holiday Recipes
  • Summarize a reading for the class (advanced students).

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