Backpacking in North Umpqua/Mt. Thielsen area (August/September 2004)

  • Our camp near North Umpqua river
  • Steep descent from Mt. Thielsen
  • Fedya at Maidu Lake
  • Fedya with Diamond Lk. at the background
  • Fedya in North Umpqua hot springs (temp 112 F)
  • Fedya and Masha near Lemolo Falls (N. Umpqua)
  • I, Masha and friends at the `Chicken Point' (Mt. Thielsen)
  • Same people, same place
  • I, same place
  • At the Pacific Crest Trail 10 miles North from Mt. Thielsen
  • I swim at North Umpqua river
  • Thielsen in the morning fog
  • Thielsen in the morning
  • Thielsen and camp
  • Masha and Thielsen
  • Masha near the top of Mt. Thielsen
  • Again

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