My MSRI visit (January-May, 2008)

In January-May I am visiting Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), which is a fantastic place to work. I will be adding more pictures as I make them.

The following pictures are made in the end of January and beginning of February. You can see that California climate is hard to beat.

  • Mathematicians on the institute's balcony watching sunset
  • This is what they watch (a little later)
  • View from the institute in the moring (on the front ground Berkeley, on the other side of the bay is San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge
  • MSRI is red/brown, white building to the left is Berkeley Space Science Lab
  • The institute from the south
  • This is my office window
  • The Institute from the west
  • Gauss Way
  • Euclid Avenue
  • Institute from the south-2
  • One of the balconies-nice place to work
  • On a trail near MSRI
  • Footpath to town
  • View to the south (to Oakland)
  • 17, Gauss Way
  • MSRI auditorium
  • View west
  • View northwest
  • Another sunset at the institute
  • More sunset watchers
  • UC-Berkeley Campus and Golden Gate Bridge
  • Jon Brundan's talk
  • At UC-Berkeley campus
  • Another veranda at MSRI
  • Sign on the footpath from MSRI to town

    Note on the sign above, the words "Entering mountain lion habitat" are crossed out and "Entering yuppie habitat" is written on top. This inspired the following series:

  • Yuppie habitat-1
  • Yuppie habitat-2
  • Yuppie habitat-3
  • Yuppie habitat-4
  • Yuppie habitat-5
  • Yuppie habitat-6

    Golden Gate series (this bridge is easy to shoot---no matter how you do it, it comes out beautiful):

  • GG
  • With Ella from China Beach
  • GG from China Beach
  • GG from above China Beach
  • Sasha and Ella on China Beach
  • On the bridge
  • Andryusha on the bridge
  • Ella on the bridge
  • GG and Ella

    Other pictures of Ella, Andryusha, and Masha from their visit during the spring break:

  • SFO skyline
  • Andryusha and papa
  • Masha and Andryusha
  • Andryusha in the mechanical part of a military ship
  • Andryusha shooting a cannon on a military ship
  • Submarine we visited with Andryusha
  • Alcatraz Island (more pictures coming from our visit of the prison)
  • Andryusha playing soccer in a Berkeley park
  • Andryusha and a bush
  • Andryusha drawing in a front yard of our house in Berkeley

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