Party Alignments of Zemstvo Activists
in 1905 and 1906
[Source = Emmons,Formation:383-97 (Appendix)]

The following six congresses of zemstvo and town duma representatives took place (hypertext linkage is to SAC) =

(1) 1904no05:no09;
(2) 1905ap24:ap25; ( ? ap22:ap26;)
(3) 1905my24:my25; ( ? my24::my26)
(4) 1905jy06:jy08; ( ? jy06:jy09;)
(5) 1905se12:se15;
(6) 1905no06:no13;

In the table of Zemstvo activists below, in the column labeled "Congresses attended", these congresses are keyed 1-6.

In an adjacent column, positions of officials who attended the congresses are keyed as follows =

c.d.b.  = chairman, district zemstvo board
c.p.d.  = chairman, provincial zemstvo board
d.b.     = rnember, district zemstvo board
d.d.     = district zemstvo deputy
d.m.    = district marshal of nobility
o.b.     = member of the organizing bureau for the congresses
p.b.     = member, provincial zemstvo board
p.d.     = provincial zemstvo deputy
t.d.      = town duma deputy

In a few cases these positions are attributed to persons who no longer occupied them at the time they attended the congress(es).