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RUS| tntn|---|---|---|---|---|---| Tycoons to exit TNK-BP, Rosneft closing this week: sources
AZR| cvc.pbl|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| Opposition newspaper editor jailed in Azerbaijan
SDN| plt.irx| ptpt| AFR|---|---|---|---| Sudan rivals 'to resume pumping oil'
ENG| stt&crp|---|---|---|---|---| BP's mighty trading unit under scrutiny as earnings drop
soap-opera| USA|lwx|---|---|---| Looming divorce could threaten oil baron's empire
AFR| plt.dms|---|lwx|---|---|---|---| Zambia's ex-President Banda arrested
USA| ecx| ptpt|---|---|---|---|---|---| Exxon cleans up Arkansas oil spill; Keystone plan assailed
SDN| plt.irx| ptpt| AFR|---|---|---|---| Bashir threatens again to stop oil exports from South Sudan
fnc| stt&crp|---|---|---|---|---|---| Oil Wealth Ebbing, Russia Needs to Lure Foreign Capital
dms.plt| cvc.pbl| grpC|lwx|---|---| Kuwait court orders dissolution of parliament, new elections
ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Hansen retires to push climate fight
USA| ecx| ptpt|---|---|---|---|---| Exxon Pipeline Leaks Thousands of Barrels of Oil in Arkansas
plt.irx| stt&crp|fnc|---|---|---|---| Russia plans $25-$30 billion oil-for-loans deal with China
dms.plt| frk| grpC|ecx|---|---|---|---| Spills flame Canadian oil debate, but won't curb flows to USA
AMC| pmp| grpC|---|---|---|---|---|---| Venezuela says crude, liquids output stable at 3.12 million
AFR|---|---|---|---|---|---|rfn|---| Nigeria tycoon 'plans $8bn refinery'
AFR| plt.dms|---|---|---|---| Nigeria state tackles rumour mongers
cvc.pbl| grpB|---|---|---|---|---|---| Indonesia 'failed' Aceh peace terms
AMC|lwx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Peru rolling back indigenous law in win for mining sector
AFR| ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Libya becomes 'the new Mali' as Islamists shift in Sahara
cvc.pbl|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Economist Sergei Guriev Doesn’t Plan Return to Russia Soon
plt.dms|lwx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Police move in on Kyrgyz protesters
plt.dms| stt&crp| AFR|---|---|---| Libya to move four state companies to Benghazi
TRK| plt.dms|---|---|---|---|---|---| Critic’s Notebook: In Istanbul’s Taksim Square, an Achilles’ Heel
SDN| plt.irx| ptpt| AFR|---|---|---|---| Sudan 'orders halt to oil transfers'
plt.dms| cvl.pbl|---|---|---|---| Emirates Balk at Activism in Region Hit by Uprisings
dms.plt|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Iraqi PM visits Kurdistan to try to ease crisis
USA| cvc.pbl| ecx|---|---|---|---| Greeley Journal: Supporting Oil and Gas, but Resisting Encroachment
AMC| ecx| plt.irx|---|---|---|---| Brazil 'on alert' over Ecuador spill
plt.dms|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Economic, social pressures behind Kuwait crackdown on foreign workers
plt.dms|---|PKS|---|---|---|---|---| Pakistan tries anew to end insurgency in resource-rich Baluchistan
tntn| USA|---|---|---|---|---|---| A Fight Over Coal Exports and the Industry’s Future
PKS| wrx|plt.dms|---|---|---|---|---| Three Attacks in Pakistan Spotlight a Nation’s Rifts
USA| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Nuclear Plants, Old and Uncompetitive, Are Closing Earlier Than Expected
AFR| cvc.pbl|---|---|---|---|---|---| VIDEO: Mali displaced reluctant to go home
ptpt| grpC|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Scientists Find Canadian Oil Safe for Pipelines
S.SDN| ptpt| AFR|---|---|---|---|---| South Sudan set for new oil pipeline
AFR| plt.irx| ---|---|---|---|---|---| Obama going to Africa, Bush there too
AMC| irx|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| Huge slab of tar found in Gulf
QTR|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| New Qatar emir delivers first speech
RUS| fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Rosneft may offer to buy out, or convert, TNK-BP Shares
plt.irx| grpB|---|---|---|---|---|---| Malaysia's SapuraKencana wins $2.7 billion contract from Petrobras
CHN|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Confrontation over the South China Sea 'doomed', China tells claimants
MNG| plt.dms| stt&crp|---|---|---| Mongolian president wins second term amid focus on mining curbs
AFR| plt.irx| ---|---|---|---|---|---| International Effort Seeks to Counter Jihadists in Africa
nrg.new| stt&crp| ENG|---|---|---| Ofgem warns of power shortage risk
ENG| nrg.new|---|---|frk|---|---|---| 'Far more' UKi shale gas resources
ENG| stt&crp|---|---|---|---|---|---| Energy and roads get share of £100bn
AMC|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Peru peasant squads rally against USA firm's $5 billion gold mine
IRN| grpC|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Iranian official signals no early scaling back in nuclear work
AFG| plt.irx|---|---|---|---|---|---| West 'should have talked to Taliban'
USA| plt.irx| stt&crp| grpC|---|---| USA says oil market can cope with more Iran export cuts
AFR| UGA| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---| At least 30 killed by fuel truck explosion in Uganda
ENG| KZX| plt.irx| grpC|---|---|---| PM making historic Kazakhstan visit
AFR| MLI| plt.irx|---|---|---|---|---| UNO peace force begins Mali operation
IRQ| plt.dms|---|---|---|---|---|---| Roadside bomb kills seven in Baghdad
ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Climate extremes are 'unprecedented'
AFR| NGR| stt&crp| ---|skz|---| Insight: Nigeria seeks farming revival to break oil curse
CAN| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| People missing after rail tanker cars explode in Canadian town
ecx| plt.dms| ptpt|---|---|---|---| News Analysis: Obama’s Remarks Offer Hope to Opponents of Oil Pipeline
AFR| NGR| cvc.pbl|---|---|---|---| 'Dozens dead' in Nigeria school raid
AFR| MLI| plt.irx|---|---|---|---|---| Mali lifts state of emergency
ENG| ecx| plt.dms|---|---|---|---| Piper Alpha remembered 25 years on
AFR| MLI| plt.irx|---|---|---|---|---| Mali army enters Kidal in peace deal
CAN| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Canadian freight train blast death toll hits three, set to rise
CAN| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Oil-laden freight train explodes in Canadian town, people killed
CAN| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fire was doused on train before it smashed into Quebec town
USA| ecx| stt&crp|---|---|---|---|---| USA system for flagging hazardous chemicals is widely flawed
LBY| plt.dms|---|---|---|---|---|---| Libyan protesters call for armed militias to be disbanded
CAN| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Deadly Derailment in Quebec Underlines Oil Debate
nrg.new|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Rust promises hydrogen power boost
IRQ| cvl.pbl| grpC|---|mlf|lwx|---|---| Total cleared of Iraq oil corruption
ecx| fnc| grpC|---|---|lwx|---|---|---| BP in court over oil-spill payments
CAN| ecx| grpC|---|---|---|---|---|---| Insight: How a train ran away and devastated a Canadian town
NDR|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Shell Picks New Chief Executive
AFR| plt.irx| fnc|---|---|---|---| Ethiopia expected to join WTO in 2015: ministry
EGP| plt.irx| AFR|---|---|---|---|---| Egypt Is Arena for Influence of Arab Rivals
FRN| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|rfn|---| One injured in toxic gas leak at Total refinery in France
JPN| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Japanese Nuclear Plant May Have Been Leaking for Two Years
PHL| plt.irx|wrx|---|---|---|---|---| USA Negotiates Expanded Military Role in Philippines
AFR| NGR| CHN| plt.irx|---| China signs $1.1bn deal with Nigeria
SaA| cvl.pbl|---|---|---|---|---|---| Saudi princess 'enslaved' Kenyan
AMC| ecx| fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Leaner BP Blanches at Bill for Cleanup
USA| mlf|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 19-Year Corruption Sentence for Ex-Manager With Army Corps of Engineers
AFR| KEN| SOM| mlf| stt&crp|---| Exclusive: Kenyan peacekeepers aided illegal Somalia charcoal export - UNO
BMH| plt.dms|---|---|---|---|---|---| Burma signs treaty with Wa rebels
FRN| ecx| plt.irx|---|---|---|---|---| Greenpeace activists break into French nuclear plant
AMC| fnc| ecx| grpC|---|---|lwx|---|---| BP appeals for halt to Gulf payments
ecx|---|CHN|---|---|---|---|---|---| Air pollution 'an invisible killer'
AFR| SOM| plt.irx| ---|---|---|---|---| Exclusive: Western oil exploration in Somalia may spark conflict - UNO report
stt&crp| fnc|---|---|lwx|---|---|---| Barclays' $453m fine upheld by USA
EGP|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Exclusive: USA still plans to send F-16s to Egypt in coming weeks
ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Police boost number of Quebec disaster missing and dead to 60
KRD| dms.plt|---|---|---|---|---|---| Kurdish rebels promote hawk as peace process falters
USA| fnc| stt&crp|---|---|---|---| At Senate, Wall St. and Fed feel heat over commodity trade
AMC| stt&crp| plt.irx| grpC|---|---|---| Analysis: Argentina shows new pragmatism with Chevron deal
RUS| stt&crp|---|---|---|---|---|---| Russia's business amnesty kicks off with a handful freed
AMC| ecx| stt&crp|---|---|lwx|---| Halliburton pleads guilty to destroying Gulf spill evidence
AMC| ecx| stt&crp|---|---|lwx|---| Halliburton Pleads Guilty to Destroying Evidence After Gulf Spill
USA| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Port of Tampa reopens after ethanol train derailment: Port Authority
IRN| plt.irx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Iran Is Said to Want Direct Talks With USA on Nuclear Program
USA| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Californians Consider a Future Without a Nuclear Plant for a Neighbor
USA| stt&crp|---|---|---|---|---|---| Obama, at Florida Port, Vows to Speed Shipping and Transit Projects
ENG| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| UKi 'complacent' over Arctic drilling
ENG| AFG|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| UKi soldiers assist Afghan operation
SaA| fnc| stt&crp| cvc.pbl|---|---| Saudi to build $22bn Riyadh metro
USA| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Florida propane plant blast was likely accidental, fire chief says
stt&crp| fnc|---|mlf|---|---|---|---| USA Accuses JPMorgan of Manipulating Energy Markets
stt&crp| fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA says JPMorgan manipulated market; settlement seen
stt&crp| fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA power regulator says JPMorgan manipulated market
USA| stt&crp| fnc| grpC|---|---|---| Energy Regulator Details Case Against JPMorgan
USA| stt&crp| fnc|---|---|---|---|---| JPMorgan pays $410m in energy case
AMC| ecx| fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| BP Gulf fund to be 'fully utilised'
AMC| ecx| fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| BP Gulf fund running out of cash
AFR| ---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Bars targeted in Nigeria Kano blasts
S.KOR| nrg.x|---|---|mlf|---|---|---| Scandal in South Korea Over Nuclear Revelations
ecx| nrg.x|JPN|---|---|---|---|---|---| Japan says Fukushima leak worse than thought, government joins clean-up
YEM| plt.dms|---|---|---|---|---|---| Yemen, on Alert for Terrorism, Claims It Foiled a Qaeda Plot
CHN| frk| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Oil companies begin 'fracking' in China’s most dangerous earthquake zone
USA| frk| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Exclusive: Chesapeake drops energy leases in fracking-shy New York
YEM|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Yemen 'foils major al-Qaeda plot'
YEM| grpC|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---| Gunmen kill five Yemeni troops guarding LNG plant: official
YEM|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Embassies Open, but Yemen Stays on Terror Watch
AFR| plt.dms|---|---|---|---|---|---| Former PM favorite for president in run-off vote to heal Mali
AFR| plt.dms|---|---|---|---|---|---| In Mali’s Election, Dashes of Optimism and Realism
AMC|---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---| Peru police kill Shining Path rebels
S.AFR|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Union leader shot dead at Marikana
AFR|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Inquiry urged into Tanzania shooting
stt&crp| frk| ecx|---|---|---|---| PM urges UKi to 'get behind fracking'
JPN|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| Japan's nuclear clean-up: costly, complex and at risk of failing
JPN| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| After disaster, the deadliest part of Japan's nuclear clean-up
stt&crp|---|---|---|---|lwx|---|---| BP Sues USA Over Contract Suspensions
USA| stt&crp| ecx|---|---|---|---| Government Must Continue Review of Nevada Nuclear Waste Site, Court Says
NGR| cvl.pbl|wrx|---|---|---|---|---| Nigeria troops 'kill top militant'
AFR| plt.irx|CHN|---|---|---|---|---| Chad suspends China state oil firm
TRK| plt.irx| grpC|---|---|---|---|---| Turkey plays big in Kurdistan's energy game
USA| fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Buffett's Berkshire buys Suncor, Dish as stocks appeal
USA| fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Berkshire Hathaway raises stake in Wells Fargo, takes position in Dish
AFR| MLI| plt.dms|---|---|---|---|---| Keita given strong mandate for reform in Mali vote
CHN| stt&drp| dms.plt|---|---|---| China could target oil firms, telecoms, banks in price probes: report
USA| ecx| dms.plt| nrg.new|---|---| Intermittent Nature of Green Power Is Challenge for Utilities
USA| ecx| nrg.new|---|---|---|---| The Passive House: Sealed for Freshness
AMC|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Paraguay's president Cartes sworn in
USA| plt.dms|---|nrg.g|---|---|---|---| Foreseeing Trouble in Exporting Natural Gas
AMC| grpC|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Ecuador approves Amazon oil drilling
NGR| plt.dms| cvl.pbl| AFR|wrx|---|---| Nigerian navy says kills 12 pirates in gun battle
MXO| plt.dms| grpC|---|---|---|---|---| Mexico opposition party, PRD, proposes limited energy reform
IRN| USA| plt.irx| stt&crp|---|---| CIA admits role in Iran's 1953 coup
plt.dms| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Green MP arrested at climate protest
JPN| plt.irx| ecx|CHN|---|---|---|---| Japan's nuclear crisis deepens, China expresses 'shock'
JPN| plt.irx| ecx|CHN|---|---|---|---| Japan's Fukushima nuclear crisis deepens, China expresses 'shock'
USA| nrg.new| nrg.c| grpC|---|---|---| Coming Full Circle in Energy, to Nuclear
JPN| ecx| nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---|---| New high-radiation spots found at quake-hit Fukushima plant
ENG| plt.dms|---|---|---|---|---|---| Gas, power hub to trump London's top airport project
AFR| MLI| cvl.pbl| irx| wrx|---|---| Sahara militant Islamists 'merge'
JPN| ecx| nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---| Fukushima 'much worse' than reported
JPN| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fukushima inspectors 'careless', Japan agency says, as nuclear crisis grows
MLI| cvl.pbl| plt.irx|---|---|---|---| Insight: UNO's Mali task is state-building as much as peacekeeping
USA| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| New Rules Would Cut Silica Dust Exposure
JPN| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Nuclear Operator Raises Alarm on Crisis
SYR| grpC|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Syrian Kurds Find More Than a Refuge in Northern Iraq
VNZ| cvl.pbl| AMC|---|mlf|---|---| Maduro vs. corruption: In earnest or power grab?
ENG|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Four dead in North Sea oil industry helicopter crash
ENG|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| UKi staff pull out amid Goma fighting
plt.dms| AMC|---|skz|---|---|---|---| Colombia agricultural strike spreads
JPN| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fukushima operator to seek foreign advice on toxic water
AFR| plt.irx|---|wrx|---|---|---|---| USA urges restraint as fighting escalates in eastern Congo
IND| AFR|CHN|---|nrg.g|---|---|---| ONGC to buy stake in Africa gas field
fnc| stt&crp|CHN|---|---|---|---|---| China's Sinopec sees profit jump 24%
ecx| nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---|---| Radiation readings spike at water tank at Japan's ruined nuclear plant
JPN|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Radiation Near Japanese Plant’s Tanks Suggests New Leaks
USA| dms.plt|---|---|---|---|---| Facing Fire Over Challenge to Louisiana’s Oil Industry
ENG| plt.dms|---|---|prl|---|---| Chancellor plans oil worker tribute
ENG|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Evacuation amid fire near gas tanks
JPN| ecx| nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---| Japan vows quick action, public funds for Fukushima
JPN|---|stt&crp|---|---|---|---|---|---| Japan government abandons hands-off approach to Fukushima clean-up
JPN|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Japan to Spend Almost $500 Million on Water Crisis at Fukushima Nuclear Plant
JPN|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| VIDEO: Japan to fund Fukushima ‘ice wall’
AMC| plt.dms| fnc|VNZ|---|---|---| Venezuela admits economic problems
VNZ| grpC|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Power cut affects much of Venezuela
VNZ| grpC|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Power cut affects most of Venezuela
frk| lwx| ENG|---|frk|---|---|---| Drilling on hold in fracking village
ENG|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 'Quarter of UKi' put up with coldness
AFR| NGR| fnc| ---|---|---|rfn|---| Nigeria tycoon in oil refinery deal
AFR|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Analysis: African UNO troops raise stakes for Rwanda in Congo crisis
ecx| AFR| ---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Ghana denies oil link to dead whales
ecx| AFR|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| VIDEO: Mystery of Ghana whale deaths
ecx| ENG|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Green compensation scheme outlined
TLN|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Thai government reaches possible breakthrough in rubber crisis
USA| plt.irx|---|---|---|---|---|---| World leaders pressure Obama over Syria at G20 summit
ecx| plt.irx| grpB|---|---|---|---|---| S Korea in Fukushima fisheries ban
C.ASA| plt.irx|CHN|KZX|---|---| China buys into giant Kazakh oilfield for $5 billion
C.ASA| plt.irx|CHN|---|---|---| China, Kazakhstan to ink deals worth $30 billion on Saturday
AFR| NGR| plt.dms|---|wrx|---|---| Nigerian army kills 50 Islamists in their stronghold
plt.irx| grpC|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA government spied on Brazil's Petrobras oil firm: Globo TV
plt.irx| grpC|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA tapped into networks of Google, Petrobras, others: report
USA| BRZ| lwx| AMC| grpC|---|---| NSA spying on Petrobras, if proven, is industrial espionage: Rousseff
lwx| fnc| plt.dms|CHN|---|---|---| Powerful Oil Clique at Center of Chinese Probes
CHN|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| PetroChina says report of more probes 'inaccurate', shares rise
dms.plt| tntn| AMC|---|---|---|---| Venezuela opposition appeals abroad
ecx| fnc|JPN|---|---|---|---|---|---| Japan ponders Fukushima options, but Tepco too big to fail
AFR|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Kenya discovers huge water source
ecx| lwx|---|---|---|---|---|rfn|---| Trial begins against BP over Texas refinery emissions
USA| fnc| plt.dms| grpC|---|---|---| Tax Filings Hint at Extent of Koch Brothers’ Reach
USA| fnc| nrg.e|---|---|---|---|---|---| Koch brothers move into electronics with $7.2 billion Molex deal
ecx|CHN|---|nrg.c|---|---|---|---|---| China’s Plan to Curb Air Pollution Sets Limits on Coal Use and Vehicles
plt.dms|---|---|---|---|lwx|---|---| Activist Chinese Billionaire Is Arrested
cvc.pbl| stt&crp|---|---|---|---| Norway's new government to reshape world's largest wealth fund ["sovereign wealth fund"]
USA| lwx| ecx|---|---|---|---|---| Judge Blocks Shipment of Oil Equipment Through Idaho Forest
ecx| USA|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| EPA Is Expected to Set Limits on Greenhouse Gas Emissions by New Power Plants
dms.plt| ptpt| grpC|---|---|---|---|---| Tribesmen blow up Yemen's main oil export pipeline: government official
JPN| ecx|---|nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---| Japan halts last nuclear reactor
frk|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Gas Leaks in Fracking Disputed in Study
AFR| CHN| ---|------|---|---|---|---| China Finds Resistance to Oil Deals in Africa
RUS| ecx| plt.irx|---|---|---|---|---| Greenpeace assails Arctic oil rig
AFR| NGR| plt.dms|---|---|---|---| Punches thrown in Nigeria parliament
JPN| nrg.new|nrg.x|---|---|---|---| Two years on: How nuclear sells itself post-Fukushima
GRM| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Germany’s Effort at Clean Energy Proves Complex
JPN| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Japan PM Abe in Fukushima visit
AFR| NGR| plt.dms| stt&crp| mlf| ---|  As Oil Thieves Bleed Nigeria, Report Says, Officials Profit
VNZ|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Venezuela condemns 'USA airspace ban'
RUS| ecx| lwx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Russia 'seizes' Greenpeace ship
GRM| nrg.c|---|---|---|---|---|---| VIDEO: Germany's coal mine 'ghost town
NGR|---| plt.dms|---|---|---|---| Scores dead in Boko Haram 'ambush'
ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA sets first curbs on power plant carbon emissions
AFR| NGR| plt.dms|---|wrx|---|---| Nigerian Islamists kill at least 159 in two attacks
NOR| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Norway abandons carbon capture plans
USA| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Obama proposes new carbon limits
plt.dms| stt.ndp| grpC|---|---|---| Iraqi Kurds vote as oil-rich region seeks greater autonomy
plt.irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA says open for Iran talks based on 'mutual respect'
plt.irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA seeks to ease Israeli concerns over Iran contacts
USA| nrg.new|---|---|---|---|---|---| Santa Monica Bets on Electric Cars, but Consumers Are Slow to Switch
USA|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Challenges Await Plan to Reduce Emissions
USA| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Administration to Press Ahead With Carbon Limits
ecx| lwx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Russia Seizes Greenpeace Ship for Investigation
fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Pope attacks global economics for worshipping 'god of money'
USA| fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Detroit Is Now a Charity Case for Carmakers
ENG|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| VIDEO: Inside Britain's hazardous nuclear site
CHN|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| China Gains New Friends in Its Quest for Energy
ENG| fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Miliband: We'll freeze energy prices
RUS| ecx| lwx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Russia probes Greenpeace 'piracy'
ecx| lwx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| VIDEO: Greenpeace activists held over 'piracy'
AMC| fnc| lwx| ecx| grpC|---|---|---|---| BP court move to halt Gulf payouts
AST| ecx| plt.dms|---|---|---|---|---| Axed Australia climate body reopens
USA| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fight Over Energy Finds a New Front in a Corner of Idaho
CHN| AFR| ---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Chinese firm in $2bn Uganda oil deal
ENG|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Mandelson queries Labour energy plan
CHN|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Chinese firm under USA sanctions wins Turkish missile deal
ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Scientists say more certain mankind causes global warming
ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| UNO '95% sure' humans cause warming
JPN|---|---|nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---| Tokyo Electric seeks to restart world's largest nuclear plant
JPN| ecx|nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---|---| Tokyo Electric: will add $10 billion for Fukushima cleanup to turnaround plan
ecx| fnc| lwx| grpC|---|---|---|---|---| BP battles for billions in new Gulf trial phase
ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| UNO Climate Panel Endorses Ceiling on Global Emissions
USA| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| New York’s Air Is Cleanest in 50 Years, Survey Finds
KZX|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Astana Journal: Nostalgia Burns Bright in a City Renewed
IRN| plt.irx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Iran’s President Calls on Israel to Join Nuclear Treaty
SDN| dms.plt| AFR|---|---|wrx|---| Sudan fuel row sparks deadly unrest
SDN| dms.plt| AFR|---|fnc|wrx|---| Sudan Erupts in Deadly Protests as Gas Prices Rise
SDN| dms.plt| AFR|---|---|---|---| Sudan fuel protests: '50 shot dead'
ecx|---|---|---|---|---|lwx|---|---| Greenpeace to appeal over activists
USA| mlt|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| New rules urged over FBI drone use
JPN| fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Energy costs fuel Japan price growth
NOR| cvc.pbl|---|---|---|---|---| Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund "is an example for oil-rich nations"|  Avoid "the curse of oil"
ENG| plt.dms| cvc.pbl|---|---|---| Turn crown estate [royal family properties] into Sovereign Wealth Fund, Labour MPs to urge
CHN| CASA| plt.irx|---|---|---|---| Red Star Over Central Asia
CHN| CASA|---|---|---|---|---|---| Rising China in Central Asia
CASA| nrg.ndp|---|---|---|---|---| Central Asia's Path to Energy Independence
AFR| ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Senegal seeks French, Chinese help as water crisis hits capital
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Exxon to Extend Health Care to Married Same-Sex Couples
grpC|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Imagining a Remapped Middle East
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Brazil's railroad plan has yet to leave the station
---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| BP Trial in 2nd Phase, to Set Amount of Oil Spilled
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| VIDEO: Does nuclear power have a future?
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Venezuela expels three USA diplomats
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|rfn|---| Mexico's Pemex says 6 injured at Miguel Hidalgo refinery, ops normal
---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| Brazil judge dismisses case against Chevron, Transocean
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Qatar Holding buys NYSE Euronext out of Qatar Exchange
grpB|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Former Prime Minister Declares Opposition to Nuclear Power in Japan
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Jellyfish Invasion Paralyzes Swedish Reactor
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Energy bills rise 'due to new rules'
---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| Russia charges Greenpeace 'pirates'
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| VIDEO: The plug-and-play solar panel
---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| EUn preparing to charge Gazprom in antitrust case
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Oceans face 'deadly trio' of threats, study says
---| grpC|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| BP wins reprieve over Gulf spill payouts: USA appeals court
---| grpC|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| Partial Victory for BP in Dispute Over Settlement
---|---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---| Russia charges all Greenpeace crew
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Pollution 'hampers bees' foraging'
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| U.N. aviation body agrees on emissions deal
---|---|nrg.g|---|---|---|---|---|---| Insight: Americans eye cheap home refueling for natural gas cars
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Exclusive: Russia's VTB agrees deal to sell Rosbank stake to SocGen - source
---|CHN|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| As Obama's Asia 'pivot' falters, China steps into the gap
---|---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---| Russia dismisses Dutch legal action over Greenpeace activists
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA Raids in Libya and Somalia Strike Terror Targets
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| To This Tycoon, Iran Sanctions Were Like Gold
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Iran holds four over sabotage plot
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Brazil demands explanation from Canada over spying report
USA|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---| Exclusive: Obama climate adviser Zichal to step down - officials
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Analysis: Chaotic oil power Libya far from partition
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fukushima worker accidentally switches off cooling pumps, backup kicks in
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Special Report: The education of China's oil company
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Brazil anger over Canada spy claims
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| 'Increased risk' of winter blackouts
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Insight: Saudis brace for 'nightmare' of US-Iran rapprochement
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| New CEO cuts Chesapeake Energy's lifestyle largesse
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Exclusive: Brazil seeks business-friendly path to new power rate cuts
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Germany's Greens elect new leaders before talks with Merkel
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Leaders in Commons energy clash
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fuel supply warning for Alitalia
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Water leak douses Fukushima workers
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Venezuela's Maduro seeks new powers
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Azerbaijan president seeks new term
---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| 'No bailout' for the Earth's climate
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Oil Shocks Ahead? Probably Not
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Cuomo Denounces Con Ed’s Proposed Rate Increase
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| DealBook: New Corporate Tax Shelter: A Merger Abroad
---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| Court Blocks City’s Plan for ‘Taxis of Tomorrow’
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| German Greens voice doubts after coalition talks with Merkel
---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| Analysis: Lawsuits likely as EPA declares USA ethanol blend wall a 'reality'
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA soon to overtake Russia as top oil producer
---|---|---|---|---|lwx|frk|---|---| French court upholds fracking ban
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|rfn|---| Refinery action 'may shut Scotland'
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA ship detained by Venezuela
---|---|---|---|nrg.new|---|---|---| Wind farm 'gravy train' criticised
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| 'Massive' energy investment expected
---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| Chevron goes to trial in New York over $18 billion Ecuador award
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Germany's Merkel tells Putin of her concern at Greenpeace arrests
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Norwegian coalition deal gives finance, oil ministries to populists
JPN|---|nrg.c|nrg.g|---|---|---| Japan on gas, coal power building spree to fill nuclear void
---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| USA justices to hear challenge to Obama on climate change
---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Deadly gas explosion in Mexico
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Warning of future UKi power shortages
---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Iraq war 'left half a million dead'
---|ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Greens reject coalition with Merkel
---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to E.P.A. Rules on Gas Emissions
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| German SPD urges quick action to rein in rising energy costs
---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Blackwater guards face new USA charges for Iraq shooting deaths
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Analysis: Awash in oil, USA reshapes Mideast role 40 years after OPEC embargo
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Biggest petrol price fall since 2008
---|---|frk|---|---|---|---|---|---| Thousands protest in Romania against shale gas, gold mine
---|---|mlf|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| Former Ecuadorean judge testifies to bribery in Chevron case
---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Much of Syria blacked out by rebel attack on gas pipeline: government
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Lib Dems: PM panicking over energy
---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Oil Spill in North Dakota Raises Detection Concerns
---|---|---|frk|---|---|---|---|---| Fracking Fight Focuses on a New York Town’s Ban
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Grangemouth plant to stay open
---|---|nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---|---| French energy giant signs uranium deal with Mongolia
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Search on for USA mariners seized from C-Retriever off Nigeria coast
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Insight: Delays, clashes hinder attempts to salvage Batista's OGX
---|---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---| Kurdish militants tighten grip on Syria's northeast
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Rio to sell coal mine stake for $1bn
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Energy boss calls for market inquiry
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| MPs question energy company chiefs
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| BP ups asset sales, dividend as big oil Q3 kicks off
---|---|---|---|frk|---|---|---|---| 'Low health risk' from fracking
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Cameron: Unite claims are 'shocking'
---|---|---|ecx|nrg.c|---|---|---| Poland, Wedded to Coal, Spurns Europe on Clean Energy Targets
---|---|---|---|nrg.c|---|---|---| Power Plants Try Burning Wood With Coal to Cut Carbon Emissions
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Berlin grid renationalisation fails
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Koch Group Has Ambitions in Small Races
---|---|skz|---|---|---|---|---|---| Farming key to closing emissions gap
---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Climate wavering 'not justified'
---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Nigeria oil spills 'misrepresented'
---|nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Japan to remove Fukushima fuel rods
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Kyrgyzstan warning over key goldmine
---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---|---| UKi firms cleared of gas manipulation
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Emperor taboo sparks furor in Japan
---|nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Nuclear renaissance: What happened?
---|nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| After Chernobyl, they stayed behind
---|nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fukushima still a mess
---|nrg.new|---|---|---|---|---|---| Knock! Knock! Solar company wins converts going door to door
---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| Lung cancer cases soar in Beijing
---|---|frk|---|---|---|---|---|---| Water report 'says fracking is safe'
---|---|---|ptpt|---|---|---|---|---| Libyan Berbers shut gas pipeline to Italy, cut major income source
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Libyan autonomy group forms oil firm, challenges government
---|---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---| Tymoshenko lawyer 'held by police'
---|nrg.new|---|---|---|---|---|---| Microwave signals turned into power
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| EDF Energy prices 'to rise 3.9%'
---|nrg.x|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| Japan readies additional $30 billion for Fukushima clean-up: sources
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fukushima: now for the tough part
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Japan's ex-PM Koizumi urges Abe to abandon nuclear power
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Japan readies additional $30 billion for Fukushima clean-up: sources
---|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---|---| Rosneft discloses new $6 billion oil supply deals with BP
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| BP clinches $6 billion fuel supply deal with Rosneft
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA to name Nigeria's Boko Haram as terrorist group: sources
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Australia moves to scrap carbon tax
---|---|---|ptpt|ecx|---|---|---|---| Chevron pipeline explodes, burns in rural Texas
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Russia and Egypt in 'historic' talks
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Bill Gates wants Norway's $800 billion fund to spend more in Africa, Asia
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Buffett's Berkshire buys sizable new Exxon Mobil stake
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Go-ahead for £4bn oil investment
---|nrg.x|ecx|---|---|---|---|---| Japan Shelves Plan to Slash Emissions, Citing Fukushima
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fukushima begins fuel rod removal
---|---|nrg.c|ecx|---|---|---|---|---| Coal fires green anger at UN talks
---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA Weighs Mission to Train Libyan Security Forces
---|---|---|nrg.new|---|---|---|---| USA watchdog probes Tesla after fires
---|---|nrg.c|ecx|---|---|---|---| VIDEO: Poland's efforts for 'clean coal'
---|---|nrg.c|ecx|---|---|---| Slowdown in Carbon Emissions Worldwide, but Coal Burning Continues to Grow
---|---|prl|---|---|---|---|---|---| Analysis: Saudi labor crackdown promises long-term gain for short-term pain
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Lawmakers grant Maduro decree powers in Venezuela
---|---|mlf|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| Witness at UKi trial alleges high-level corruption in Bahrain
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Senator Baucus Offers Bill to Overhaul Corporate Tax Code
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| WTO closes in on landmark trade reform
---|---|nrg.e|---|---|---|---|---|---| Raw Sewage, and Anger, Floods Gaza’s Streets as Electricity Runs Low
---|---|nrg.new|---|---|---|---|---| Toyota eyes fuel cell car by 2015
---|---|nrg.new|---|---|---|---|---| Toyota Shows Off Fuel-Cell Automobile
---|---|rtpt|---|---|---|---|---|---| Kazakhstan’s Bet on Rail
---|ISIS|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Islamist rebels capture Syria's largest oilfield: activists
---|---|ptpt|---|---|---|---|---|---| Sinopec oil pipeline blast kills 22 in eastern China: media
---|dms.plt|---|---|---|---|---|---| Opposition marches in Venezuela ahead of local elections
---|ISIS|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Syrian Rebels Seize Control of Oil Field From Assad
---|nrg.z|nrg.new|ecx|lwx|---|---| Wind Energy Company to Pay $1 Million in Bird Deaths
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Saudi Arabia, Kuwait tighten controls on clerics
IRN|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Analysis: US-Iran thaw starts to reshape Mideast power balance
---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Court Confronts Religious Rights of Corporations
---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Deals at Climate Meeting Advance Global Effort
---|---|prl|---|---|---|---|---|---| Oil workers strike over insecurity in Libya's Benghazi


---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Government outlines energy plans
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| As Oil Floods Plains Towns, Crime Pours In
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Iran to reassert authority at OPEC after nuclear deal
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Analysis: Saudis have few options as they push tougher foreign policy
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Iran says seeks stronger cooperation with Saudi Arabia
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fuel bill cuts to follow new policy
---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---|---| BP gets Gulf payouts suspended
---|---|mlf|---|---|---|---|---|---| Spain slumps on corruption index
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Kurds’ Oil Deals With Turkey Raise Fears of Fissures in Iraq
---|---|---|mlf|wrx|---|---|---|---| Smuggling cartels, militants hinder revival of Somali port
---|---|nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---| IAEA praises Fukushima clean-up
---|---|nrg.new|---|---|---|---|---| Big changes for renewable subsidies
---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Venezuela outage 'was sabotage'
---|---|---|mlf|fnc|---|---|---|---| DealBook: EUn Imposes $2.3 Billion in Fines Over Rate-Rigging Scandal
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| France's Hollande offers Africa new aid and trade ties
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Jihadist Groups Gain in Turmoil Across Middle East
---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---|---| Panel Says Global Warming Risks Sudden, Deep Changes
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| EUn, Turkey take step towards visa-free travel
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Local election gains boost Mozambique's MDM opposition party
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Historic trade reform ready for WTO approval
---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---|---| Flights delayed as air pollution hits record in Shanghai
---|---|nrg.x|mlf|---|---|---|---| Insight - Fukushima water tanks: leaky and built with illegal labor
---|irx|---|UKR.crisis|---|---|---| Russia and Ukraine seek partnership - BBC
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| E.On to raise energy prices by 3.7%
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Mexico energy reform eyes big opening for private capital
---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| BP investors lose bid for class status in Gulf spill case
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Exclusive: Mexico energy reform draft spans profit-sharing to licenses
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Energy firms seek help on price cuts
---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---|---| VIDEO: Shanghai shrouded in pollution
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Putin orders Arctic military boost
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Satellite detects Antarctic ice loss
MXO|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Mexico energy bill near approval as lower house fast-tracks debate
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Mexico Senate passes energy bill; goes to lower house
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Mexico moves to open oil resources
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Mexico's landmark energy bill nears final approval
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| VIDEO: Mexican MP strips off in protest
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fortum sells Finnish power distribution grid for $3.5 billion
---|---|nrg.x|---|---|---|---|---| Japan should embrace nuclear power, government panel says
---|nrg.new|---|---|---|---|---|---| Hydrogen is squeezed from stone
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Mexico’s Pride, Oil, May Be Opened to Outsiders
USA|---|---|frk|ecx|---|---|---|---| Experts Eye Oil and Gas Industry as Quakes Shake Oklahoma
---|---|---|---|---|---|ptpt---|---|---| Iraq pipeline attack kills Iranians
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Insight: Wall Street's energy rivals - Big Oil, a French utility, the Koch brothers
---|---|---|---|---|frk|---|---|---| Half UKi 'suitable for fracking'
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Applying Creativity to a Byproduct of Oil Drilling in North Dakota
---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---| Ecuadorians can seek Chevron damages
---|---|---|Khodorkovsky|---|---| Putin to pardon jailed tycoon Khodorkovsky
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Troops clash in South Sudan, African states mediate
WoB|fnc|bnk|mlf|---|---|---|---|---| World Bank president calls corruption 'Public Enemy No. 1'
UKR.crisis|---|---|---|---|---|---| Special Report: Why Ukraine spurned the EUn and embraced Russia
---|---|---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---| Putin critic Khodorkovsky free after pardon, heads for Germany
---|---|---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---| Khodorkovsky 'flying to Germany'
---|---|---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---| Putin critic Khodorkovsky in Germany after pardon
---|---|---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---| Freed Khodorkovsky reunited with son
---|---|---|mlt|wrx|---|---|---|---| S Sudan rebels 'control key state'
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Mexican president signs energy law
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Big Oil sits out lobbying on Iran as Congress stands firm
---|---|---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---| Khodorkovsky says will not go into politics or seek oil assets
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Exclusive: Assad's secret oil lifeline: Iraqi crude from Egypt
PKS|CHN|irx|fnc|---|---|---|---| Exclusive: China commits $6.5 billion for Pakistani nuclear project
---|---|---|lwx|ecx|---|---|---|---| Russia drops charges against Greenpeace activists
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Exclusive: Iran official got job in Khamenei conglomerate after approving deal
---|---|---|---|---|lwx|---|---|---| Inside Germany's campaign to free Khodorkovsky
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Analysis: Struggle for resources at root of Central Africa religious violence
---|---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---| Crisis talks held in South Sudan
---|---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---| South Sudan rebels seize oil wells, mediators urge talks
---|---|---|ptpt|wrx|---|---|---|---| Yemeni tribesmen blow up pipeline in south: local official
---|---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---| South Sudan's Kiir gets regional backing, army says wins back oil town
MXO|---|ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---| VIDEO: Mexico City's smog-capture building

*2014: BREAK . . . .
*2014mr:2015fe; ISIS tpt of its captured nrg.p toward wrl.mkt~ via CEY.ptpt| Interpretive rtl [E.TXT]
*2014no10: R&Q|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Russia, China Add to $400 Billion Gas Deal With Accord - Bloomberg Business

*2015 =
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Oil declines in thin, volatile trading
---|ARM|GRZ|AZR|irx|UKR.crisis| Security and Energy Implications for the South Caucasus after Ukraine
---|---|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---| 2015ja21:E-TXT re.Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP] and ecx
---|SaA|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Brent rises after Saudi king dies, U.S. crude falls
ENG|ecx|frk|---|---|---|---|---| MPs: Ban fracking on carbon grounds
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Shell to slash investment after oil price drop hurts profit
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Shell CEO sees long-term oil price at $90/barrel
---|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|ptpt|---| Yellowstone oil spills fuel arguments over Keystone line
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Royal Dutch Shell reports 57 percent drop in net income
---|---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---| Kurds retake oil facility in north Iraq, 15 workers still missing
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Oil summit to hear pleas for action
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Shell plans to dismantle key North Sea platform
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| BP reports quarterly loss of $4.4 bln amid oil price drop
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Iran sweetens oil contracts to counter sanctions and price plunge
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Slump in Oil Prices Brings Pressure, and Investment Opportunity
---|---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---| Libyan official: 10 died in oil attack; 7 foreigners taken
---|---|---|wrx|---|---|---|prl|---| 'Foreigners dead' in Libya oilfield
---|---|---|---|---|---|rfn|prl|---| Fourth day of U.S. refineries strike ends with new offer
---|---|---|---|mlf|---|---|---|---| $1.48 billion missing from Nigerian oil revenues
BRZ|---|---|---|mlf|---|---|---|---| Petrobras corruption probe widens
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| UKi trade deficit widens in Dec as cheap oil imports surge
---|---|---|---|mlf|---|---|---|---| Anatomy of Nigeria’s $20 billion “leak”
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Oil tankers run gauntlet in Nigeria's "pirate alley"
---|ISIS|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| U.N. Prepares Resolution to Confront Islamic State on Oil and Antiquities
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Oil steadies near $58 as U.S. rig count offsets Chinese data
---|---|---|---|---|---|nrg.new|---| Solar 'generators' power up remote homes, factories: TRFN
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Oil falls as IEA warns stocks may approach all-time high
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Contamination still high near ND spill, dropping downstream
UKR.crisis|---|fnc|---|---|---|---| Fin min hopes Ukraine will get new IMF aid in early March: Interfax
---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|trr|wrx|---| Bomb hits pipeline from Libya's El Sarir oilfield
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Rare ray of hope in UN climate talks
---|---|---|---|---|---|prl|rfn|---| Managers bunk down at U.S. refineries as strike enters third week
---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---|wrx|---| Libyan oil pipeline sabotaged, gunmen storm Sirte offices
USA|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| As Oil Prices Slip, North Dakota Struggles to Get a Firm Grip on Its Budget
---|---|---|---|mlf|mpy|---|---|---| In Indonesia, fresh chance to break gas pump monopoly
USA|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| West Virginia Train Derailment Sends Oil Tanker Into River
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Scientists alarmed at short-term ozone-eroding gases
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fear and silence in Libya as divisions deepen
---|ISIS|---|---|---|wrx|---|---|---| Iraq Shiite militias rush to defend oil-rich Kirkuk from IS
USA|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| W. Virginia town evacuated after oil train derails
---|---|---|---|---|---|wrx|---|---| Egypt pushes for UN-backed intervention against Libya jihadists
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Train carrying 3 million gallons of crude still burning
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|rfn|---| Blast at Exxon refinery in California could hike gasoline prices
---|---|---|---|mlf|---|---|---|---| India: 7 arrested for stealing, leaking energy documents
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| BP bid to reduce spill fine rejected
---|---|---|---|---|---|rfn|prl|---| Union rejects contract offer from oil companies in USA refinery strike
USA|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|ecx.plt|---| Fossil fuel divestment effort comes to energy-rich Colorado
---|---|---|mlf|---|---|---|---|---| Brazil prosecutors seek $1.55B in Petrobras corruption case
---|nrg.c|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| USA charges Duke with illegal pollution from 5 coal ash dumps
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| UKi-offshore-oil-gas-sector-seeks-urgent-help
---|---|---|---|---|frk|ecx|---|---| Algeria-police-prevent-anti-shale-gas-protest
USA|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Lithuania-signs-USA-deal-replace-Russian-gas
---|---|---|---|---|---|wrx|---|---| Nigeria's-restive-oil-region
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| USA-Russia-gas-explosion
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA-Turkey-Kurds
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|fnc|---| The Huffington Post: Big Oil's Broken Business Model
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|prl|---| Halliburton to cut up to 6,400 jobs
---|---|---|---|mlf|---|---|---|---| Brazil's opposition calls for Rousseff probe in Petrobras scandal
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|wtpt|---| A Strategic Seaport
---|ISIS|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Yemeni implosion pushes southern Sunnis into arms of al-Qaida and Isis
---|---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---| ExxonMobil ready to continue cooperation with Rosneft, RUS Energy Minister
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---| ТАСС: Газпром возместил партнерам по проекту строительства Южного потока 56 млрд рублей
AfroAsia|CHN|---|---|---|---|---|---| Middle Eastern oil players lose out to Russia in Asia | Johnson's Russia List
---|---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|MAP|---| Russian oil, gas and other product pipelines
AfroAsia|---|---|---|---|wrx|---|ptpt| Gunmen kill 9, gas pipeline hit in Nigeria's oil-rich delta
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Exxon Mobil подала в суд на Россию / Независимая газета
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---| Colombia's Cano Limon oil pipeline halted by bomb attack
SaA|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Saudi policeman killed during raid in oil-rich Eastern province
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Fuel storage tank fire near Brazil's Santos port enters fourth day
---|---|---|fnc|wrx|---|---|---|---| As war grows, Libya's official government in new bid for oil cash
---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---|NYT| Laurence Tribe Fights Climate Case Against Star Pupil From Harvard, Pres. Obama
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---| TASS: Russia-proposed Turkish Stream gas project raises interest in TRK
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Buying BG Would Give Shell Solution to Stranded Australian Gas
---|---|---|---|frk|---nrg.new|---| French media leaks ‘buried’ gvt report on alternative to fracking — RT News
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| In China’s Inner Mongolia, mining spells misery for traditional herders
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|wrx|---|---| Chinese riot police crush grasslands protest over chemical pollution
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|prl|---| Search continues for missing Mexican oil platform workers after deadly fire
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Argentina says plans lawsuits against UKi oil firms near Falklands
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| UKi's new oil find: How big is it? - BBC News
---|---|---|---|irx|ggr.plt|ptpt|---| Southern European Energy Corridor: Status, Prospects, and Geopolitics
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russia's Gazprom Neft against European Court proposal on lawsuit against EUn sanctions
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Mir-Babaev on Baku oil | G/bbl/
---|irx|TRK&GRK|---|---|---|ptpt| TASS: Turkish Stream project to make Greece Europe’s major gas distributing center — Putin
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Greece’s Turkish Stream gas pipeline to help improve relations with Turkey — Sergei Lavrov
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Turkish Stream no substitute for TANAP — TRK Energy Minister Yildiz
---|---|---|---|---|UKR.crisis|---|---| Russia confirms Iran oil-for-goods swap, traders skeptical
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---| TASS: Altai gas pipeline to offer direct competition to Russian gas supplies to Europe — Gazprom
---|---|---|---|frk|---|---|ecx|---| Environmentalists abandon EUn shale gas panel citing fracking-advocate infestation — RT News
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---| Scrap fossil fuel subsidies now and bring in carbon tax, says World Bank chief
---|irx|UKR.crisis|---|---|fnc|---| TASS: Gazprom confirms receiving $20 mln of prepayment for gas supplies from Ukraine’s Naftogaz
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fukushima lessons: Any notion that nuclear power is clean is obsolete — RT Op-Edge
---|---|---|---|irx|---|---|ptpt|---| TASS: Gazprom remains only exporter of gas via Russia's Power of Siberia pipeline
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Argentina launches legal action to prevent Falklands oil and gas drilling
---|---|---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---| Military withdraws from Yemen oilfields, hands security to tribes
---|---|---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---| Libya declares force majeure on 11 oilfields due to insecurity: State Oil Co
---|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---| Взрыв произошел на нефтяном месторождении в Ямало-Ненецком автономом округе
---|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---|---| "Газпром" получил от "Нафтогаза" еще 20 млн долларов за газ
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| European regulators claim unfair policies by Russian energy giant
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| On 5th Anniversary Week of BP Disaster -- Another Oil Industry Trick to Keep America Addicted to Oil | Robert Creamer
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|NYT| New Balance of Power
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| The EU-Gazprom war — RT Op-Edge
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| «Роснефть»: проект Минприроды о либерализации шельфа Арктики – лоббизм в поддержку ЛУКОЙЛа
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Gazprom discussed prospects of interaction in natural gas sphere with North Korea
---|irx|CHN|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Energy to top agenda of Putin-Xi meeting
---|---|---|wrx|UKR.crisis|ptpt|---| TASS: Gas pipeline catches fire after shelling in east Ukraine
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Drenched in oil: Nigerians demand Shell spill clean-up - Al Jazeera
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---| End of pipeline no reason to celebrate
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---| Still One Big Obstacle To Turkmen Gas To Europe
---|dms.plt|---|---|ecx|---|ptpt|---| Canada's political landscape undergoes seismic shift with election in Alberta
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|frk|---|---| Denmark suspends fracking because of ‘hazardous’ chemicals — RT News
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---| TODAY'S ZAMAN: 'Turkish Stream' to deepen Moscow-Ankara ties, report claims
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Power Problems: Puerto Rico's Electric Utility Faces Crippling Debt : NPR
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|rfn|---| Fierce fighting rages near Iraq's Baiji refinery - AlJ/ Good crn summary
---|---|---|---|---|---|frk|---|---| Fracking - Al Jazeera
---|irx|---|USA&GRK|---|ptpt|---| USA to Greece: Resist Russia's Gas Pipeline Offer| The Moscow Times
---|dms.plt|---|---|---|---|---|---| Fort Mac: despite shock election in Alberta, Canada's remote boomtown thunders on
R&Q|irx|---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---| TASS: Russia's Gazprom and Chinese CNPC agree on terms of western route gas supplies to China
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| USA 40m N of NYC nuclear plant shuts down after fire
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA Gives Conditional OK To Shell Oil For Drilling Off Alaska's Arctic Shore -- NPR
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Indian Point nuclear reactor remains shut down after blast and fire
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| The world's potentially catastrophic gas problem - Al Jazeera
EUn|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Энергобезопасность по-брюссельски изолирует Россию от Европы
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---| Потепление разрушает цивилизацию
EUR-ASA|---|---|---|---|---|---| Евразийский газовый хаб
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|rfn|---| How important is the battle for Iraq's Baiji oil refinery? - BBC News
---|dms.plt|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---| Revealed: FBI violated its own rules while spying on Keystone XL opponents
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Explosion rocks New York nuclear power plant - Al Jazeera
---|---|---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---| USA taxpayers subsidising world's biggest fossil fuel companies
---|---|---|---|nrg.new|---|---|---| Dutch solar road makes enough energy to power household - Al Jazeera
---|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---| Subsidiary of Russia's Rosneft Sees Third Oil Leak Since March | The Moscow Times
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|wtpt|---| TASS: Japan develops project for freight, passenger ferry link with Russian Pacific coast
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Moscow seeks broader energy dialogue with Serbia — Sergei Lavrov
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russia's nuclear power corporation delays new NPP construction projects in Russia
---|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---| Safety system at Ukraine’s largest Zaporozhye nuclear plant triggers shutdown — RT News
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Denmark allows Total to resume fracking — RT News
---|dms.plt|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---| "Shell no": Hundreds take to boats in Seattle to protest Arctic drilling
---|---|---|---|nrg.new|---|---|---| Could this be the world's most efficient solar electricity system?
---|irx|---|---|UKR.crisis|---|ptpt|---| 2015my15:UKR gzz tpt frm zpd and RUS
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Australia's Green Left Weekly attacks Syria, Again - Pravda.ru
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russian oil producer Bashneft to sign $60 mln equipment delivery deal with USA firm
---|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---| TASS: Gazprom: all pipes purchased for South Stream project will be used for Turkish Stream
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---| TASS: Gazprom plans to build about 50 km of Power of Siberia pipeline in 2015
---|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---| TASS: Ecologists urging oil industry to put off prospecting on Sakhalin as gray whales in danger
---|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russian-Chinese energy cooperation reaches strategic level, says expert
---|---|---|---|---|nrg.new|---|---| TASS: Nuclear research reactor with highest capacity will be built in Russia
---|---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russian government does not make any new decisions on privatization of Rosneft
---|---|---|---|mlf|---|ecx|---|---| Peabody Energy exploited Ebola crisis for corporate gain, say health experts - The Guardian
---|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---| Where there is oil and gas there is Schlumberger - The Guardian
USA|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---| Workers race to clean California oil spill that spans nine miles - BBC News
USA|---|---|---|nrg.new|ecx|frk|---| North Carolina activists win on fracking, might still lose on renewable energy - The Guardian
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---| Owner of Deepwater Horizon drilling rig agrees to $211m damages settlement - The Guardian
---|dms.plt|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Revealed: BP's close ties with the UKi government - The Guardian
SaA|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Саудовская Аравия будет готова отказаться от нефти к 2040 годy Независимая газета
---|---|---|---|UKR.crisis|---|---|---| TASS: Gazprom receives another $30 mln of prepayment from Naftogaz of Ukraine for gas supplies
---|---|---|---|UKR.crisis|---|---|---| TASS: Riga summit to support construction of Southern Gas Corridor bypassing Russia
---|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|frk|---| Denton TX banned fracking last year – then the frackers fought back - The Guardian
---|---|---|---|stt&ekn|ecx|---|---| World Governments Subsidize the Burning of Fossil Fuels to the Tune of $10 Million a Minute - The Nation
---|irx|---|---|stt&ekn|---|---|---| TASS: Russia’s state nuclear power corporation opens branch in Hungary
---|---|---|---|---|---|mlf|---|---| Illegal traders profit from Nigerian fuel in Togo - Al Jazeera
---|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russia's antimonopoly watchdog approves Glencore acquiring stake in Russneft
---|---|---|---|ecx|nrg.new|---|---| TASS: Russia intends to increase number of green power plants 10-fold — Energy Ministry
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Leaking Fukushima containers could lead to hydrogen explosions — RT News
R&A|irx|JPN|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: USA pressuring Japan over Tokyo’s policy towards closer ties with Russia
---|---|---|---|---|nrg.new|---|---| Japan gives final clearance for 1st nuclear plant restart since Fukushima
---|---|---|---|nrg.new|ecx|---|---| China Power Sector Reform Plans Aim to Boost Energy Efficiency and Renewables - Barbara A. Finamore
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Angola gives up 2 billion barrels for French energy major Total
---|irx.ekn|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Iraq to increase oil export to new record high, price war intensifies
---|---|---|---|---|frk|---|---|---| TASS: Venezuela to present its position on production of shale hydrocarbons at OPEC meeting
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Russian gas industry looks east to strengthen position - BBC News
---|---|---|---|mlf|---|---|---|---| Oil lobby group recruited Canadian minister for secret strategy meeting - The Guardian
---|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---|---| Russia, Venezuela agree on massive $14bn oil and gas investment deal — RT News
---|irx.ekn|---|---|nrg.new|---|---| TASS: Gazprom has no competitors on LNG market at distance over 10,000 km from Europe — CEO
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| USA biggest oil fund sees $1bn outflow - Bloomberg — RT Business
---|---|---|---|---|frk|---|---|---| API: States mulling shale future are already leaders - UPI.com
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|frk|---|---| Fort McKay: the Canadian town that sold itself to tar sands | The Guardian
---|---|dms.plt|wrx|---|---|---|---| President Buhari’s to-do list: Boko Haram, democracy and the 'petrocalypse' - The Guardian
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russian Energy Ministry considers necessary to cut crude oil supplies to Belarus
---|---|---|nrg.c|---|---|---|---|---| Inside the war on coal
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Iranian oil company executive says Russia-Iran oil deal will not be of barter type
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Shell's Arctic oil drilling faces fresh court challenge from environmental groups - The Guardian
R&Q|irx|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---|---| TASS: China launches construction of Power of Siberia gas pipeline extension on its territory
R&J|irx|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---|---| TASS: Russian Gazprom not considering pipeline gas supplies to Japan
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: EUn has no plans to give up energy cooperation with Russia — European Commission
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russia and Tunisia sign memorandum on cooperation in nuclear field
R&Q|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russia’s nuclear energy corporation preparing new contract with China
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| France’s Total may return to Iran after sanctions lifted
---|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---| Ghana petrol station inferno kills at least 150 in Accra - BBC News
---|---|---|---|---|frk|ecx|---|---| Fracking poses potential risks to some drinking water supplies, study finds - The Guardian
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|nrg.new|---| Ikea pledges €1bn on renewable energy and climate change efforts - The Guardian
---|irx|---|IND|---|---|ptpt|---|---| TASS: India to study prospects of oil and gas pipeline supplies from Russia
SaA|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Saudi Arabia considers opportunity of investing in Russia’s oil industry
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|wtr|---|---| 60% of China’s underground water 'not fit for human contact' - RT News
---|---|---|---|---|nrg.new|---|---| TASS: Solar plants network will be set up in Russia’s Bashkortostan by 2018
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| TASS: Cancer victim's family sues Russian nuclear facility in international court
---|irx|---|---|---|nrg.g|ptpt|---|---| Gazprom ready to cover growing Europe deficit in gas using shortest route through Turkey
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Oil depot fire in Ukraine may cause acid rain
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Transitioning to Climate Justice — Alternative Radio
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| TASS: New blast hits fuel depot near Kiev
---|---|---|---|UKR.crisis|---|---|---| TASS: Ukraine's Q3 gas discount may be less than 30% of current price — Russian energy minister
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russia dismantled 195 out of 201 decommissioned Soviet, Russian nuclear subs
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russia accounted for 10% of global energy production in 2014 — BP
---|---|---|---|fnc|mlf|---|---|---| Financial Times: Petrobras scandal ensnares Brazil's biggest power company
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| The Telegraph: Argentina president attacks 'ill-mannered' Cameron over Falklands
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| The Washington Post: What's a little oil between neighbors? Venezuela-Guyana tensions flare
---|---|---|---|nrg.new|---|---|---| Australia's green-energy recession - Al Jazeera English
R&Q|---|---|---|---|ptpt---|---|---| TASS: Russia's pipeline operator opposes changes in oil traffic flows to China
USA|---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---| Exxon must pay $1m for 2011 spill into Montana's Yellowstone river - The Guardian
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Rosneft to create industrial park near Murmansk for developing offshore Arctic oil
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Yet Another Way That Oil Is Screwing the Environment Mother Jones
---|irx.ekn|---|nrg.c|---|---|---| TASS: India ready to invest in Russia’s coal, hydrocarbon projects — ambassador
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russia ready to implement contract on nuclear plant construction in Finland — Putin
---|irx.ekn|---|fnc|---|---|---|---| TASS: Foreign capital holds about 26% of shares in Russia’s largest oil companies — Rosneft CEO
---|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russian experts say China’s expansion in Russia a myth
---|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---|---| Russia Beats Saudi Arabia to Become China's Top Oil Supplier - The Moscow Times
---|irx|xfxx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Argentina judge orders asset seizure of Falklands oil firms - BBC News
AfroAsia|---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---| Yemen's Houthis attack oil refinery in Aden - Al Jazeera
---|irx.ekn|skz|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russia exports over 30 million tonnes grain 2014-2015 — customs service
---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---|---|---| TASS: Both lines of Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline will be commissioned by 2019 year-end — Gazprom
---|---|---|---|---|tpt|---|---|---| Natural gas opposition has shifted to transportation, speakers say - OGJ [ID]
---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---|---|---| Turkey issues permit for Turkish Stream gas pipeline surveys - OGJ [ID]
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| API relaunches ‘Vote4Energy’ program leading up to 2016 elections - OGJ [ID]
SaA|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| New-king-reshaping-Saudi-oil-industry-extent-still-unclear
---|irx.ekn|---|---|u&d|---|---| Rosneft, BP sign upstream, downstream agreements - OGJ [ID]
---|---|---|nrg.g|ecx|---|---|---| Fossil fuel protestors try to disrupt Natural Gas Roundtable event - OGJ
---|---|---|---|---|---|stt&crp|---| Recognize industry know-how in USA Arctic policies, API officials urge - OGJ
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| North Dakota ordered five firms to reduce April oil production - OGJ
USA|---|---|---|frk|ecx|---|---| Oklahoma studies seismic activity, water injections given recent earthquakes - OGJ
---|---|---|---|---|frk|ecx|---|---| SMU study: North Texas quakes likely linked to gas drilling - OGJ
USA|---|---|---|---|frk|ecx|---| Texas Legislature, Gov. Abbott limit municipal control over fracturing - OGJ
---|---|---|---|---|frk|ecx|---|---| Four states sue federal government about fracturing regs - OGJ
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| BP: USA surpassing Saudis in oil output among world’s ‘tectonic’ energy shifts in 2014 - OGJ [ID]
USA|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Enbridge agrees to remediate 2010 Michigan leak’s environmental damages - OGJ
---|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---|---| Rosneft has signed agreement on oil supplies to India - TASS
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Indonesia to ask OPEC to reactivate its membership - OGJ
---|---|---|---|tpt|---|nrg.new|---| IHS: Natural gas to challenge oil’s grip as transportation fuel - OGJ
USA|---|---|---|ecx|frk|---|---| Oklahoma Governor signs legislation to prevent local fracturing bans
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Dana Gas, BP conclude agreement for El Matariya drilling - OGJ
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| European oil, gas majors call for carbon pricing systems - OGJ
---|---|---|wrx|---|---|---|---|---| Gunmen slay senior oil official in northern Iraq [Kirkuk] - UPI.com
---|---|---|---|---|wrx|ptpt|---|---| Farc rebels bomb new section of Colombian oil pipeline| The Guardian
USA|---|---|---|---|stt&ekn|mlf| How The Oil Industry Got Two Regulators Fired For Doing Their Jobs - Huffington Post
---|---|---|---|nrg.c|ecx|---|---|---| New coal plants 'most urgent' threat to the planet, warns OECD head - The Guardian
---|---|---|---|---|ecx|frk|---|---| Secrecy over fracking chemicals clouds environmental risks, advocates say - The Guardian
---|---|---|---|---|---|frk|---|---| Fracking data, chemicals, toxicities, source code
R&Q|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---| Russia is now biggest crude oil exporter to China, cites data from the Chinese General Administration of Customs
---|---|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---| Oil market: The Iranians are coming - Al Jazeera
USA|stt&ekn|---|---|---|---|---| Белый дом просит конгресс разрешить продажу стратегической нефти - Независимая газета
USA|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Dirty Energy vs. Clean Power: The Past Battles the Future at Seneca Lake, by Ellen Cantarow - Huffington Post
USA|---|---|tntn.crp.nrg|ecx.mvt| The New Abolitionism - The Nation
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| TASS: Russian economy can withstand severe oil price fluctuations — minister
R&Q|MNG|irx.ekn|ptpt|---|---| TASS: Mongolian leader urges Russia, China to lay gas pipeline across Mongolia
RUS|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Mysterious giant hole in Siberia gradually filling up with water, expanding (PHOTOS) - RT News
USA|---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---| Al Gore criticizes Obama on climate change and 'insane' Arctic drilling - The Guardian
---|---|---|---|ecx.mvt|---|---|---| Политика, крашеная в зелёное - Политика
USA|---|---|---|---|nrg.new|---|---| Americans eye cheap home refueling for natural gas cars
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Russian accounts, frozen in VTB France Bank over Yukos case, unblocked — VTB24 CEO - TASS
---|---|---|---|ptpt|ecx|---|---|---| China-owned pipeline leaks 5 million liters of oil emulsion in western Canada — RT News
UKR.crisis|irx|wrx|fnc|---|---| Naftogaz of Ukraine expects to borrow $300 million from EBRD to buy gas — Deputy CEO - TASS
---|irx.ekn|wrx|---|---|---|---|---| Russia's Lukoil has no plans to withdraw from Romania - TASS
---|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---|---| Chevron Ukraine announces termination of business in country = TASS
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| A Bad Call on Shell by Michael Brune, Huffington Post
R&IRN|irx.ekn|---|nrg.g|---|---| Iran invites Putin to attend Gas Exporting Countries Forum summit = TASS
AMC|---|---|---|nrg.h|ecx|---|---| Hydro Power Over Homes in Peru - The Globalist
---|irx|EUR defined|---|---|---| Russian PM says economic space ‘from Lisbon to Vladivostok’ still relevant - TASS
RUS&EUR|---|---|---|---|---|ptpt| Nord Stream expansion to guarantee Europe’s energy security — Medvedev
R&Q|irx.ekn|nrg.g|---|---|---|---| Откладывается заключение второго газового контракта с Китаем - Независимая газета
AMC|---|---|tntn.crp|---|---|---| Argentina challenges oil tycoons of the West - pravda.ru
USA|dms.plt|---|nrg.new|---|---| I support solar energy because of my Tea Party beliefs — not despite them Debbie Dooley, The Guardian
AMC|BRZ|---|dms.plt|prl|---|---| Petrobras workers stage 24-hr strike - OGJ
AfroAsia|---|wrx|---|---|Churkin| Чуркин: Ситуация на Ближнем Востоке и в Северной Африке сейчас катастрофическая - Независимая газета
---|irx|wrx|PKK|Kurds|---|---|---| NATO calls emergency meeting at Turkey's request - Al Jazeera
RUS|irx.ekn|wrx|---|---|---|---|---| «Газпром» и газовые войны - Voice of America
USA|---|---|tntn.crp|ecx|wrx|---|---|---| California's drought and the battle for Medicine Lake - Al Jazeera English
UKi|---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---| BP profits fall with low oil price - BBC News
---|---|---|---|mlf&nrg.crp|---|---|---|---| Bit oil companies and corruption - OGJ
R&TRK|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---|---| «ВЗГЛЯД.РУ» [in Russian] on "Turkish stream" delays
R&A|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| «ВЗГЛЯД.РУ» [in Russian] on Rossneft and ExxonMobil
AfroAsia|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---| Russia's Lukoil, Bashneft, Gazprom Neft interested in entering Algerian market - TASS
---|irx.ekn|wrx|---|---|---|---| [USA senators] Murkowski and Warner want US ready to use energy abundance strategically - OGJ
---|---|nrg.g|rfn|---|---|---|---| Gazprom lets contract for Russian gas processing plant - OGJ
JPN|---|mlf?|ecx|---|---|---|---|---| Executives to be tried over Fukushima nuclear disaster - Al Jazeera
---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| Russia is swimming in oil but lacks infrastructure to avoid spills and leaks; and environmental harm - Johnson's Russia List
R&A|wrx|irx|UKR.crisis|---|---| USA Adds Russian Oil Field To Sanctions List - The Moscow Times
ARM|dms.plt|nrg.e|---|---|---| Electric Yerevan and the end of apathy; Electric Yerevan may not have been an Armenian Maidan but activists hope and analysts believe it marks the end of the country’s era of apathy - Johnson's Russia List| Maidan is a ref. to UKR.crisis ID#1 and ID#2
ARM|dms.plt|---|---|---|---|---| Power to the people; As Electric Yerevan showed, governments throughout Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia will face the risk of social and political unrest when they move to compel their citizens to pay market rates for electricity - Johnson's Russia List
*2015jy30:AZR|IRN|TRK|---|ptpt| Turkey to distribute gas from Azerbaijan and Iran in Europe — expert - TASS


*2015au11:JPN|dms.plt|---|ecx|---|---|---| Protests as Tokyo restarts first nuclear plant since Fukushima disaster — RT News
RUS|stt&crp|---|---|---|---|---| Крупным проектам «Газпрома» не нужна поддержка государства - Независимая газета
UKR|irx.ekn|---|nrg.e|---|---| Украина купит у России примерно 300 млн. киловатт электроэнергии - Независимая газета
---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---|---|---| Nord Stream expansion to guarantee Europe’s energy security — Medvedev - TASS
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Мэрия обвинила «Мостранснефтепродукт» в аварии на Москве-реке - Новая Газета
---|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---|---| Russia's Rosneft to acquire subsidiary of Canadian Trican Well Service - TASS
---|irx|---|---|ecx|frk|---|---|---| Australia seeks US advice on impact of ‘harmful’ fracking polluting water supply — RT News
UKR|irx.ekn|nrg.c|---|---|---|---|---|---| Демчишин: Украина возобновила импорт российского угля - Независимая газета
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| North Dakota's big oil boom in a man's land: 'It's like capitalism on steroids' - The Guardian
RUS|Pac.O|rfn|ptpt|?JPN|?CHN| First refinery connected to Russia's East Siberia - Pacific Ocean oil pipeline
EGP|ITL|---|nrg.g|---|---|---|---| Italy's Eni discovers huge gas field off Egyptian coast - BBC News
---|---|---|---|ditto|---|---|---|---| Eni discovers largest known gas field in Mediterranean - The Guardian
---|---|---|---|ditto|---|---|---|---| 'Supergiant' gas field discovered off coast of Egypt - Al Jazeera
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| What will OPEC do about the oil supply? - BBC News
UKi|BRZ|---|mlf|---|---|---|---| Rolls-Royce cooperating with Brazilian investigation into Petrobras bribery - The Guardian
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Obama defends Arctic drilling decision on eve of Alaska climate change trip - The Guardian


---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Erdogan says West only interested in oil in Iraq and Libya, slams refugee crisis response — RT News
---|---|---|ecx|frk|---|---|---|---| RT Keiser Report — fracking costs
UKR|RUS|EUn kmm|mtg re.nrg.g| Трехсторонняя встреча Россия-Украина-ЕК [Еврокомиссия] по газу может пройти в конце сентября - Независимая газета
---|---|---|---|ditto|---|---|---|---| Россия готова предоставить газовую скидку Украине, сообщил Новак - Независимая газета
LAT|LIT|irx|---|nrg.g|---|---| Латвия присматривается к литовскому газу - Новая Газета
---|---|---|---|---|ptpt|---|---|---| «Газпром» договорился с партнерами о расширении «Северного потока» - Новая Газета
---|OPEC|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Rosneft CEO: Oil market would be balanced if OPEC met quotas - TASS
---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| ‘Political rhetoric, not science’: Greenpeace slams IAEA Fukushima report — RT News
---|---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---| Goldman Sachs: Российские нефтяные компании зарабатывают, как при цене нефти в 100 долл/барр - Независимая газета
RUS|mmb of OPEC unlikely|---| Вступление России в ОПЕК не стоит на повестке дня - Независимая газета
"Western" bnk~ gv UKR $500m to buy nrg.g| «Нафтогаз» [НАК "Нафтогаз Украины"] получит 500 млн. долл. на закупку «голубого топлива» - Независимая газета
---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| 82 contaminated waste bags from Fukushima washed away by typhoon floods — RT News
---|---|---|ditto|---|---|---|---|---| Fukushima waste washed to sea - TASS
---|TRK.dms.plt|---|ptpt|---|---| Turkish Stream first line launch postponed due to political crisis in Turkey — Gazprom - TASS
R&A|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Arbitral panel on Exxon-Russia dispute formed — Russian Finance Ministry - TASS
ISIS|irx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Expert Analysis: Islamic State is turning into quasi-state, not without foreign assistance - TASS
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Russia responsible for the Arctic, will take care of its environment — Putin - TASS
---|stt&ekn|mlf|nrg.c|---|---|---| USA and Australian taxpayers pay billions a year to fund coal – report - The Guardian
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Hitler’s world may not be so far away Timothy Snyder, The Guardian
UKR|RUS|irx|nrg.g|EUr|---|---|---| Russia close to deal to supply gas to Ukraine and EUr - Al Jazeera
---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| World's energy systems at risk from global warming, say leading firms - The Guardian
USA|---|LNG|nrg.g|ptpt|ecx|---| Coos Bay liquefied natural gas project gains federal environmental approval - Eugene Register Guard, Oregon
---|stt&ekn|wrx|---|---|---|---| Why the USA hides 700 million barrels of oil underground - BBC


USA|---|---|---|frk|ecx|---|---|---| Fracking Boom: North Dakota Photos - POLITICO Magazine
RUS|---|pmp new record amount| Россия установила новый рекорд по нефтедобыче - Независимая газета
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Russia says [it is] ready to meet OPEC and non-opec producers for consultations
---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| BP in $20bn settlement over fatal USA oil spillage - BBC News
PKS|RUS|---|ptpt|nrg.g|---|---| Россия и Пакистан подписали соглашение о строительстве газопровода в Пакистане - Независимая газета
*2015oc15:KZX|IRQ|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| An attempt to seize oil and gas deposits from Kazakhstan, as in Iraq, seems quite realistic - EADaily quotes "expert"
BLK.S|---|---|---|tntn.crp.nrg|---| “Europe without Gazprom” project postponed: oil and gas giants wrapping up Black Sea surveys - EADaily
---|NAm|---|frk|ecx|ptpt|---| Indigenous Canadians take leading role in battle against tar sands pipeline - The Guardian
---|---|---|wrx|mlf|---|---|---|---| ISIS nets $50mn per month from smuggled oil — RT News
BLG|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| Explosion rocks nuclear power plant in Belgium — RT News
JPN|---|ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Record radiation at Fukushima power plant could kill person in under 1 hour — RT News


---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Saddam-style: ISIS oil exports worth $500m a year 'conducted through Turkey' — RT News
VNZ|---|irx|wrx|---|lwx|---|---| Venezuela to sue USA over its decision to regard Caracas as national security threat — RT News
---|---|fnc|---|---|---|---|---|---| Exclusive: OPEC confidential report sees market share squeeze to 2019 - Reuters
---|---|lwx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Exxon Mobil accused of climate change cover-up - BBC News
---|---|---|---|ecx|---|---|---|---| India cancels Greenpeace license, orders NGO to close within 30 days — RT News
R&J|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---| Russia's Rosneft to supply 4.2 mln tonnes of oil to Japan in 2015 — CEO - TASS
BLT.S|---|wrx|ptpt|---|---|---| ‘Underwater drone with explosives’ spotted near Baltic Nord Stream pipeline — RT News
FRN|RUS|irx|PRS.smt.ecx|---| Олланд направил личное приглашение Путину на парижский саммит по климату - Независимая газета
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Отказ от российского газа уже приносит Польше огромные убытки
GRM|RUS|irx|UKR.crisis|ptpt|---| Ukrainian Transit, Nord Stream II, and the end of Merkel's Era: Why German Vice Chancellor Visited Moscow - EUDaily
---|---|---|ptpt|---|---|---|---|---| End of south stream pipeline no reason to celebrate - euro|topics
---|---|---|---|nrg.g|---|---|---| ‘Struggle over democracy’: Israelis protest Netanyahu’s gas deal with US energy giant (PHOTO, VIDEO) — RT News
---|ecx|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| China’s Environmental Crisis
---|nrg.s|nrg.new|---|---|---|---| Seizing Solar Power - Al Jazeera
---|ecx|mlf|---|---|---|---|---|---| How Exxon Mobil 'Bends' Science to Cast Doubt on Climate Change - The New Republic
---|ISIS|wrx|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA-led strikes target Islamic State oil revenues: Pentagon - Reuters
---|ISIS|wrx|---|---|---|---|---|---| Russian warplanes disrupt ISIS oil sales channels; destroy 500 terrorist oil trucks in Syria — RT News
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| The Heirs Of Putinism
GRZ|irx.ekn|---|---|---|---|---|---| Georgia interested in larger gas volumes from Russia - TASS
---|PKS|irx.ekn|ptpt|---|---|---|---| Russia’s Rostec gets down to gas pipeline project in Pakistan - TASS
CRM|nrg.e|wrx|UKR.crisis|---|---| Crimea without power after pylons 'blown up' - BBC News
UKR.crisis|nrg.x|wrx|---|---|---| Ukraine nuclear power plants ‘dangerously’ without power as towers feeding energy to Crimea blown up — RT News
GRK|RUS|irx.ekn|LNG|nrg.g|rfn| Греция планирует сжижать газ на Кипре при помощи России = Независимая газета
GRK|MGR|RUS|irx.ekn|ptpt|---| Greece and Hungary sign up to Russia gas pipeline - EUObserver
---|---|---|ditto|---|---|---|---|---| Greece will have Huge Benefits from the Construction of Russian Natural Gas Pipeline - GreekReporter.com
---|---|---|ditto|---|---|---|---|---| Greece Seeks to Sign Memorandum for Natural Gas Pipeline with Russia‏ - GreekReporter.com
ISR|ptpt|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Israel pitches 'massive' natural gas pipeline plan to Europe - The Times of Israel
TRK|ISIS|nrg.p|irx.ekn|---|---| Ankara defends ISIS, Turkish officials have financial interest in oil trade with ISIS - Russian Prime Minister Medvedev — RT News
---|---|TRK|ptpt|fnc blow to RUS|---| В Союзе нефтегазопромышленников заявили, что закрытие «Турецкого потока» грозит РФ миллиардными потерями - Независимая газета
EGP|RUS|irx.ekn|nrg.x|---|---|---| Россия — Египет: «Росатом» осуществит «египетскую мечту» - EADaily
NGR|mlf|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Thieves steal $250m of Nigerian oil from one pipeline - BBC News
CRM|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Power bridge to Crimea may be launched by the end of 2015 - EADaily
ISIS|stt&ekn|---|---|---|---|---| Ruthless marketing of ISIL: “The caliphate” business project and pyramids of terror - EADaily
RUS|IRN|irx.ekn|TRK&nrg.g frm SYR| Moscow and Tehran working in tandem: Gas behind Turkey’s “stab in the back of Russia” - EADaily
FRN|RUS|wrx vs-ISIS nrg.p convoys|---| Олланд: Франция будет бить по нефтяным конвоям исламистов - Независимая газета
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| Gazprom’s Miller Tops Russia’s Best Paid Executive List With $27 Million - Johnson's Russia List
TRK|ISIS|irx|mlf|nrg.p|wrx|---| ‘Commercial scale’ oil smuggling into Turkey becomes priority target of anti-ISIS strikes — RT News
ISIS|wrx|mlf|---|---|---|---|---|---| ​ World governments secretly trade with Islamic State, according to terror financing expert, Christine Duhaime - RT
---|---|---|ditto|---|---|---|---|---| No terrorist group can survive unless some govt finances it - terror economy expert - RT
---|---|---|ditto|---|---|---|---|---| Syria Foreign Minister says USA should study rumors TRK leader Erdogan’s son is involved in oil trade with ISIS - TASS
---|---|---|ditto|---|---|---|---|---| [German newspaper] Bild о турецких закупках нефти у ИГ: Россия оказалась права - РИА Новости
---|---|TRK ptpt|---|---|---|---|---| [Gazprom CEO] Миллер: проект "Турецкий поток" может быть реализован в очень короткие сроки - TASS
---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---| USA looks upon oil trucks in ISIS-held Syria as off-limits "civilian targets"
*2015no30|TRK|ISIS|nrg.p|---|---|---|---| Путин: Турция сбила Су-24, чтобы обезопасить доставку добываемой террористами нефти - EADaily
*2015de01|ISIS|IRQ,wrx|---| Michael Flynn, former commander of US special forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, said if there was no USA war on Iraq, Daesh wouldn’t exist today - pressTV
*2016my07|JPN|---|---|---|---| Russia’s Rosneft CEO holds talks with Japan’s PM about joint projects
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