Individuals and the First Mobilization of a

Russian Imperial Civil Society:
An Aggregation of 326 Characteristic Public Activists,

Table of Contents =

Some Suggestions, Analysis and Explanations
About Column A = Birthday
About Column B = Birth site
About Column C = Death site
About Column D = Date of death
About Column E = National, ethnic, regional or confessional identification
About Column F = Economic status
About Column G = Social estate [soslovie] or status within traditional social/service hierarchies
About Column H = Profession or specialization
About Column I = Service category (Table of Ranks)
About Column J = Education level and type

The Main Table with 326 Characteristic Russian Public Activists, 1855-1866


Some Suggestions, Analysis and Explanations =

The table listing characteristic Russian public activists [obshchestvenniki] in the famous "1860s" favors Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. The table also favors the small segment of the Imperial population that was literate, even more than that, well educated. The provinces came alive in harmony with the capital cities, and the vast larger population in the countryside mobilized itself as well. As individual actors; provincials and peasants left a historical record that has yet to be fully assembled and catalogued. See my essay on the village tavern to get some idea of the possibilities here [TXT].

We much need to augment our table with local and rural public figures, but uprooting one’s self and seeking one’s fortune in the big capital cities signaled one of the notable qualities of many obshchestvenniki. [CF=below] The capital cities were where the political action of an incipient civil society was most clear.

The action concentrated in voluntary societies, definable sodalities of public purpose [See the TABLE devoted to these sodalities].

I recommend use of the “FIND” function [ID] to run personal diagnostic tests on the main table at the bottom of this web page.
Suggestions for FIND searches are entered as F//. EG=

F/Utin,Nikolai/ means use the "FIND" function to locate “Utin,Nikolai” on the table below
F/1830/ will take you through the full table, landing one after the other in alphabetical order on every person whose birth year was 1830 (the median age of these figures)


Column A = Birthday (Month follows year as 2-stroke code) n=295

31 was the median age
97 were 25 or younger (33%) (57 of these university students [i.e., 59% of the youngest third])
23 were in their teens| 2 were 16 (the youngest of all)
85 were between 25 and 35 years old (30%)
106 were 35 or older (37%)

(22 of those 35 or older were professors [21%], but 25 were government officials [24%], and
37 various professionals [35%] -- mainly journalists and publishers)

21 were 50y or older
 2 were 71 (the oldest of all)


Column B = Birth site n=230

SPB [Saint-Petersburg] province  n=37 (capital city=34)
MVA [Moscow] province n=24 (including the provincial capital city)
PLT [Poltava] province n=12 (provincial capital city=3)
SBR [Siberia] n=12 (including IRK TOM & UFA
KOS [Kostroma] province n=11 (provincial capital city=3)
TVR [Tver] province n=8 (provincial capital city=3)
KIV [Kiev] province n=7 (provincial capital city=1)
VLN [Vilnius] province n=7 (provincial capital city=5)
NVG [Novgorod] province n=6 (provincial capital city=2)
SAR [Saratov] province n=6 (provincial capital city=4)
QER [Chernigov] province n=6 (provincial capital city=2)
XRK [Khar'kov] province n=6 (provincial capital city=3)

Over one-fourth of the 218 known birth sites were "provincial"

Column C = Death site n=194. Death sites unknown n=132
Birth & death sites both known n=165
Of these, birth & death sites the same [b&d] n=42 (25% of known b&d)
Death in SPB province n=88 (provincial capital city=Nearly all). Of these, three-fourths were not born there
The “Petersburg tug” was a central demographic feature in the lives of these figures
Birth & death site Petersburg n=24 (57% of total b&d, and 12% of total death sites known) =

Andreevskii,Ivan E
Gennadi,Grigorii N
Gerd,Aleksandr Ya
Kavelin,Konstantin D
Kel'siev,Vasilii I
Kurochkin,Nikolai S
Kurochkin,Vasilii S
Lamanskii,Evgenii I
Lamanskii,Vladimir I
Longinov,Mikhail N
Pomialovskii,Nikolai G
Shelgunov,Nikolai V
Stasiulevich,Mikhail M
Stasov,Dmitrii V
Stasov,Vladimir V
Stoiunin,Vladimir Ya
Veshniakov,Vladimir I
Vodovozov,Vasilii I
Zhukovskii,Yulii G
Zotov,Vladimir R
Popov,Vasilii P

 Other death sites =
MVA n=24 (provincial capital city=21) EG=Koshelev| Maslov| Odoevskii| Pavlov,N| Pogodin| Solov’ev b&d in MVA
Abroad n=26 (largely in political emigration, largely in EUR cities)
Death in emigration n=18
SBR n=12 (largely in political exile. EG=Shchapov, Khudiakov & Potanin b&d
Death in exile n=40 (not counting the two dozen or so who spent significant time in life-shaping exile, only to be allowed to return in their later years)
Death in jail or prison n=2
Only 9 (well under 3%) of obshchestvenniki are known to have committed suicide, 4 of these while in political exile or forced emigration

Column D = Date of death n=272

43 (16%, one in six) died in the 1860s (of these, 30 [11%, one in nine] prior to 1866sp)
49 lived to see the 1905 Revolution, and 14 of these (29%) were still politically active
11 lived to see the 1917 Revolution, and 5 of these (45%) were still politically active


Column E = National, ethnic, regional or confessional identification (n=89). FIND following abbreviations =

UKR = Ukrainian (n=22), including five mixed nationals
U/R = Ukrainian/Russian
UkS = Ukrainian Cossack (n=1)
POL = Polish (n=21), including seven mixed nationals
GRM = German (n=7), including German/Russian mix
gjn = Foreign, undesignated (n=7)
StO = Old Ritualist [“Old-Believer”] (n=6)
Jwx = Jewish (n=6), including two converted to Christianity
ENG = English (n=4)
FRN = French (n=3)
GRK = Greek (n=2)
ARM = Armenian (n=1)
BUL = Bulgarian (n=1)
GRZ = Georgian (n=1)
IRE = Irish (n=1)
ITL = Italian (n=1)
K/R = Kirghiz/Russian mix (n=1)
LAT = Latvian (n=1)
SWD = Swedish (n=1)
SWZ = Swiss (n=1)
TTR = Tatar (n=1)


Column F = Economic status. Notable data n=140.Of these, 114 suggest extremes of economic circumstance
F/wl/ for all categories of wealth
F/bd/ for all categories of poverty

wln = Significant landholdings (n=11)
wlt = Wealthy (n=64), including wln and wlx, and four especially wealthy = F/WLT/
wlx = Wealth via inheritance (n=6)
wlb = Wealthy who were financially broken in these years (n=4)
bdn = Poor (n=55), four of them painfully so (F/BDN)
bdw = Poor who made themselves wealthy (n=14), one in law, the others in print-media
bwl = Poor who made themselves wealthy, then lost it (n=1)


Column G = Social estate [soslovie] or status within traditional social/service hierarchies [ID] (n=304 known)

♥   = MIDDLING URBANITES or petty bourgeoisie [meshchanstvo]
♣  = RAZNOCHINTSY [no standard social estate designation; aka intelligenty]

Here are some suggestive FIND searches
A small symbol ˜ [elevated tilde] designates "social mobility", up or down, a jolting transformation experienced by 46 of the 304 whose soslovie is known (15%) =

F// for all CLERGY (n=26)
F/▲˜/ for clergy who shifted from this category (n=7)
F/▲˜♣/ for clergy who became raznochintsy (n=5)
Several remote descendants from the clerical soslovie are not indicated here

F// for all ARISTOCRATS (n=211; NB! this is a big category). Consider more discrete FIND searches. EG=
F/♠T0/ for Grand Princes or Princesses (n=1)
F/♠T1/ for Princes or Princesses (n=6)
F/♠T2/ for Counts or Countesses (n=9)

F/$/ for MERCHANTRY [kupechestvo] (n=27)
F/$+/ for merchants who rose to status of Honorary citizen [pochetnyi grazhdanin] (n=3)
F// for merchants who fell from this category (n=2) or rose from it (n=7)

F// for MIDDLING URBANITES or petty bourgeoisie [meshchanstvo] (n=7)

F// for all Peasants (n=14)
F/x▼/ for peasants who were ex-serfs (n=5)
F/▼˜♣/ for serfs who became raznochintsy (n=8)
F/▼˜♠/ for serfs who  rose to aristocracy via state service (n=6)
F/▼˜♣˜♠/ for Mikhailov,Mikhail and Shchepkin,Nikolai, two serfs who rose to raznochinets then aristocracy via state service

F/♣/ for Raznochinets or intelligentsia (n=66)
F/♣˜♠/ for raznochintsy who became aristocrats (n=5)
F/♣˜$/ for raznochintsy who became merchants (n=2)

F/¢/ for Proletariat (n=1)

F/˜/ for status changes from one category to another, or even to a third (n=46)

Upward mobility (n=22) [ | ♣˜$ (n=2) | ♣˜♠ (n=5) | $˜$+ (n=3) | $˜♠ (n=4) ]
-- It is not clear how to interpret Kraevskii,Andrei [♥˜♣]
Downward social mobility (n=20) EG= ▲˜♣ (n=5) | ♠˜♣ (n=9) | ♠˜▼ (n=1) | ♠˜$ (n=2) | $˜♣ (n=2) | ♥˜¢ (n=1)
-- It is not clear how to interpret Maslov,Stepan or Solov'ev,Sergei [▲˜♠]


Column H = Profession or specialization identified by code
Just below is a small AUXILIARY TABLE with six columns that define and quantify the codes in Column H of the MAIN TABLE

Auxiliary table column #1 "CODE" = Primary professional identity. EG= F/dxv/ to locate all active clergy
Auxiliary table column #2 "Definition of Code"
Auxiliary table column #3 "Category" suggests an interpretive taxonomy of these professions as "NATAL", "ASSIGNED" or "VOLUNTARY" [ID]
Auxiliary table column #4 “#” = Total number of activists whose primary professional identity may be coded according to this row
Auxiliary table column #5 “+” = Total additional representatives of that row’s profession, as identified after “|| +” in the Definition column
Auxiliary table column #6 “T” = Grand Total of professions combines columns, “#” and “+”, but also tallies secondary and tertiary professional identities

Most activists are flagged & counted on one row only, but some can be identified by two or three coded categories
EG= Voronov,Andrei was a state servitor with serious scholarly interests. His primary professional identity is flagged “q/c”
But he is also counted on row “a/c” (gifted cultural figures) because that row indicates “|| +q/c”
Voronov is tallied a third time in column “T” on row “a/e” because teaching was another way to identify him

Also note that coded row “dxv” [clergy] limits itself to activists who served in these years as officers of the church
Their number is entered in column “#”
Activists from the clerical soslovie who were never formally associated with a church office are not tallied there
However, row “dxv” at column “T” tallies those who shunned family-associated clerical career tracks & led secular lives

Profession or Specialization =
Explanation of codes used in column H on table “Obshchestvenniki”,
with some numerical analysis

CODE Definition of Code Category
(VOL=voluntary | ASG=assigned | NAT=natal) [ID]
--- + T
a/c Independent cultural figure, gifted amateur || + q/c VOL 5 18 22
lwx || + Law (after the 1868 reforms) VOL with traces of ASG   21 21
a/e Education (pedagogy, teaching)  ||| + m/p & p/ ASG, increasingly VOL 20 33 53
a/j Journalism (cf. a/p) VOL 27   27
a/m Medicine  || + mdx (especially after 1866) VOL, from ASG 5 16 21
a/p Publishing and Journalism   || + a/j VOL 8 27 35
a/s Savant, a learned specialist VOL 8   8
a/w Writer, including one playwright  || + q/w VOL 16 3 19
avc Total "a/" (professions)  || + g/a, m/a, p/a, q/a, s/a VOL/span 199  55 254
b/r Businessmen who became revolutionaries VOL 3   3
b/- Business,  economics || + a/j, a/p, b/r, g/b, q/e NAT and./or VOL 9 45 54
dxv Clergymen into public careers  ||+ born in dxv fmy NAT to VOL 3 26 29
g/a Gentry seeking another career (often professional) NAT to VOL or ASG 12    
g/b Gentry going into business NAT to VOL 4    
g/- Gentry land owner/manager ||+ g/a g/b NAT 6 16 22
m/a Military officer, resigned or fired, into profession ASG to VOL or non-mlt ASG 10    
m/p Military professor ASG 6    
m/r Military officer gravitating toward revolution ASG to VOL/span 14    
m/- Total “m/” (military officers) ASG     30
p/a Professor to other professional or public career ASG, toward VOL or new ASG 9    
p/q Professor. with significant official responsibilities ASG 4    
p/- Professors || + m/p p/a, p/q ASG 14 19 33
q/a Chinovnik [civilian bureaucrat] to private career ASG to VOL 14    
q/c Chinovnik w/ serious scholarly or cultural interests ASG but also VOL cultural activities 18    
q/e Chinovnik involved in significant economic enterprise ASG but also VOL economic activities 3    
q/r Chinovnik in opposition, gravitating toward revolution ASG toward VOL 12    
q/w Chinovnik with career in literature ASG with VOL cultural activities 3    
q/- Total "q/" (chinovnik) || + dxv ASG, toward VOL or new ASG 50 3 53
/r Revolutionist   || + b/r, m/r, q/r, s/r VOL 2 55 57
s/a University student who entered profession ASG to VOL 9    
s/p University student who became social activist ASG to VOL 13    
s/q University student who became bureaucrat ASG to other ASG 2    
s/r University student who became revolutionary ASG to VOL 26    
s/- University student || + s/a, s/p, s/q, s/r ASG, but increasingly VOL 28 50 78
edc3 Higher Education  (p/ + /p) || + Students (s/) ASG, but increasingly VOL 33 78 101
vnt Volunteer VOL 13   13

The 326 biographical files record 569 professions or specializations (column --- above)
These break into the following most significant categories =
  42 (  7%) = Law or medicine (13% of the obshchestvenniki eventually went into these careers)
  22 (  4%) = Gentry landowners
254 (45%) = The full range of volunteer professional activities
259 (46%) = "The Print Media Spectrum"
(ranging from the conceptualization to the presentation of print media)
117 (21%) = State service (civilian, military and clerical)

NB! Many of the 326 public figures experienced one or more politically-related severances from assigned posts (fired, expelled or forced to resign)

Column I = Table of Ranks service categories are entered as *A, *B, *E or *D, followed by rank [chin], from 01 to 14, with 01 the highest [ID]
Obshchestvenniki whose rank is known n=151 (46% of all on table)
Many of the unknown 54% were students not yet in the system or others who had simply drifted loose from social/service hierarchies, IE=Raznochintsy

Civilian= *A (n=84; 56% of service categories known)
F/*A07/ for those who held the median civilian rank

Military= *B (n=37; 25%) There is good reason to believe that few military servitors are among the unknown
F/*B09/ for those who held the median military rank

Church= *E (n=4; 3%)
Mikael’ Nalband’ian held the high Church rank *E04

Royal Court= *D (n=1; 1%)
Nikolai Trubetskoi held the high Royal Court rank *D05


Column J = Education level and type n=275
The tallies below are of degrees granted (occasionally more than one entered per person, but usually only the one highest degree earned is entered)

Blank = Unknown n=51
1 = Primary n=2
2c = Secondary, civilian n=27
2m = Secondary, military n=12 (3 of whom went on to higher educational degrees in civilian institutions)
3c = Higher civilian n=199, 72% of known educational levels, with more than 40 (15%) educated beyond the undergraduate level
3m = Higher military n=30
3d = Higher clerical n=7 (2 of whom later received higher education degrees in civilian institutions)
(md = Medical n=5 (3 of these graduated from the Medical-Surgical Academy of the War Ministry)

MAIN TABLE of Characteristic Public Activists








G [ID]

H [ID]

I [ID]


 >Afanas'ev,Aleksandr N 1826jy11 VORg MVA 1871se23   bdn ▲˜♣ a/s *A07 3c
>Afanas'ev-Chuzhbinskii,Axr 1817fe28 PLTg SPB 1875se06 UKR wln a/j *A06 2c
>Aksakov,Ivan S 1823se26 UFA MVA 1886ja27 RUS   a/j *A07 3c
>Al'bertini,Nikolai V 1826au12 QER SPB 1890jy31 ITL   a/j *A08 3c
>Aleksandrovskaia,Varvara.f 1833 KLGg SBR       ?♣ a/m    
>Alekseev,Andrei Axr           wlt $˜♠ b/-    
>Andreev,Evgenii Nxi 1829oc04 TGN PRS 1889jy12     a/e *A03 3c+
>Andreevskii,Ivan E 1831mr13 SPB SPB 1891my20     ▲˜♣ p/- *A07 3c+
>Andrushchenko,Ivan A 1840 XRSg SPB 1864se06 UKR   q/r *A14 2m
>Anichkov,Viktor M 1830? ORNg   1877fe18     a/s *B04 3m
>Annenkov,Pavel V 1813je?19 MVA GRM 1887mr08   wlt a/c *A11 3c
>Antonovich,Maksim A 1835ap27 XRKg   1918no14   bdn a/j *B02 3d
>Antonovich,Vladimir B 1834 KIVg KIV 1903mr08 UKR   a/s   3c
>Argiropulo,Perikl E 1839jy12 IST MVA 1862de18 GRK   s/-   3c
>Arsen'ev,Konstantin K 1837ja24 SPB   1919mr22     ♠˜♣ q/a *A04 3c
>Averkiev,Ivan I 1840           a/e *B12 3m
>Babst,Ivan K | C=Belavin 1823oc20   Blv 1891jy06? ?   ♠˜♣ p/a *A06? 3c+
>Bakst,Osip I |B=6 or 3 1837c VLN   1895se26 Jwx   ?♣˜$ a/p   3c
>Bakst,Vladimir I |B=6 or 3 1835fe09 VLN   1874mr Jwx   ?♣˜$ a/p   3c
>Ballin,Nikolai P 1829se06 SPB     FRN   vnt *A10 3c
>Ballod,Petr D 1839de01 RIG SBR 1918ja23 LAT   s/-   1d-3c
>Beketov,Andrei N 1825no26 PNZg MVAg 1902jy01   bdn p/- *A08 3c+
>Bekman,Yakiv M 1836c PLTg SAMg 1863oc06 UKR lnd s/r   3c-
>Belozerskaia,Nadezhda A.f. 1838mr29 NVGg   1912 gjn   a/w    
>Belozerskii,Vasilii M 1823[? PLTg   1899fe20 UKR   q/c *A? 3c
>Benni,Artur-Villiam I 1840c WZAg ITL 1867de27 ENG wlt a/j   2m
>Benzenger,Yulii Yu 1843?         bdn   s/r   3c-
>Berens,Aleksandr I 1825 NVGg   1888au17     m/p *B04 3m
>Berezin,Aleksandr P 1839     1892no12     s/-   3c
>Berezin,Il'ia N 1818jy19 PRMg SPB 1896my22 U/R   p/- *A06 3c+
>Bervi,Vasilii V 1829ap28 RZN DonR 1918 ENG bdn a/s *A07 3c+
>Bestuzhev-Riumin,Konstanti 1829my14 NNGg SPB 1897ja02     p/- *A06? 3c+
>Bezobrazov,Mikhail A 1815     1887   wlt g/- *A04  
>Bezobrazov,Nikolai A 1816oc17   CrS 1867oc15   wlt g/-    
>Bezobrazov,Vladimir P 1828ja03 VLA MVAg 1889au29   wlt q/e *A04 2c
>Bibikov,Petr A 1832 YARg   1875no14   bdn m/a *B09 3m
>Biriukov,Arkadii A 1840ja24 PRM KZN 1881ap04   bdn s/-   3c
>Blagosvetlov,Grigorii E 1824au01 STV SPB 1880no07   bdw a/j *A11 2d3c
>Blagoveshchenskii,Nikolai 1821ap02 SPB   1892au01     p/- *A06? 3c+
>Bliummer,Antonina P.f. 1840c VOR VOR 1914+ SWD   s/a   3c-
>Bobrowski,Kazimir I 1837     POL   m/r *B? 2c
>Bobrowski,Stefan A 1840 KIVg   1863ap12 POL bdn m/r *B? 3c
>Bogdanova,Mariia A.f. 1841 KOSg SFA 1907fe03   wlt s/-   3c+
>Bokov,Petr I 1835 RZN   1914   bdn ▼˜♣ a/m   3m
>Botkin,Vasilii P 1811de27 MVA SPB 1869oc10   wlt $˜$+ b/-   dms
>Bunakov,Nikolai F 1837no26 VGDg SPB 1904no08     a/e   2c
>Bundas,Nikolai A       1863 ?     s/-   3c
>Buslaev,Fedor I 1818ap13 PNZg MVAg 1897jy31   bdn p/- *A06? 3c+
>Chelishcheva,Mariia A.f. 1841c           /r    
>Cherkesov,Aleksandr A 1838jy27 NVG   1908   wlb q/a *A13 3c
>Chernyshevskii,Nikolai G 1828jy12 SAR SAR 1889oc17   wlt a/j *A09 2d3c
>Chizhov,Fedor V 1811fe21 KOS   1877no14   bdw ♠˜♣ g/b   3c
>Czernjak,Maksimilian A 1834 VLNg KZN 1865oc11 POL   m/r *B12 3m
>Dannenberg,Fedor R 1842c   SBRx   ?   s/r   3c
>Dmitriev,Fedor M 1829oc27     1894ja25     p/- *A06 3c+
>Dobroliubov,Nikolai A 1836ja24 NNG SPB 1861no17     a/j   2d2c+
>Dostoevskii,Fedor M 1821oc30 MVA SPB 1881ja28     a/w   3m
>Dostoevskii,Mikhail M 1820 MVA   1864je10     a/j    
>Efimenko,Petr S 1835 TAVg SPB 1908my20 U/R   ▼˜♣ a/s   3c+
>ElenaPavlovna(Romanova).f. 1806     1873 GRM wlt ♠T0 vnt   2c
>Eliseev,Grigorii Z 1821ja25 TOMg SPB 1891ja18   bdw a/j *A07 3d
>Elpidin,Mikhail K 1835c KZNg GNVe 1908     a/j *A14 2d3c-
>Engel’gardt,Aleksandr N 1832jy21 SMOg SMOg 1893ja21   wln m/a *A08 3c+
>Engel'gardt,Anna N.f. 1835     1903     vnt   2c
>Eshevskii,Stepan V 1829fe02 KOSg MVA 1865my27       p/- *A06 3c+
>Evreinov,Dmitrii P 1842jy08   MVA 1892my31     s/-   3c
>Evropeus,Aleksandr I 1827mr14 TVRg SPB 1885de11   wln g/a *A10 3c
>Evropeus,Aleksandra K.f. 1835c   SPB 1895mr15       g/a    
>Evropeus,Emiliia U.f.         ENG   vnt    
>Feoktistov,Evgenii M 1828 MVA SPB 1898je16     q/c *A? 3c
>Filosofova,Anna P.f. 1837     1912   wlt vnt    
>Gaevskii,Viktor P 1826ja22 SPB   1888mr02   wlt q/a *A04 3c
>Gaideburov,Pavel A 1841 XRSg SPB 1893de31     s/a   3c
>Galakhov,Aleksei D 1807ja01 RZNg SPB 1892no14   bdn m/p   3c+
>Gennadi,Grigorii N 1826mr18 SPB SPB 1880fe26 GRK wlt g/-   3c
>Gerbel',Nikolai V 1827no26 TVR SPB 1883mr03 SWZ wlt g/a *B10 3c
>Gerd,Aleksandr Ya 1841ap05 SPB SPB 1888de13 IRE   a/e   3c
>Gieroglifov,Aleksandr S 1824   CrS 1901de29 gjn   q/c *A09 3m
>Gil'ferding,Aleksandr F 1831jy02 WZA Krg. 1872je20 GRM   q/c *A04 3c
>Giubner,Yulii Yu 1841ap24 NNG? KZN 1901oc05 GRM   s/a   3m(md
>Glazunov,Ivan I 1826ja07     1889de19   wlt $˜♠ a/p   2c-
>Gogoberidze,Vissarion L     GRZ 1878 GRZ   ?♣ s/-   3c
>Golitsyn,Aleksandr Serg             ♠T1 q/c *A13 3c
>Golovachev,Aleksei A 1819mr07 TVR TVR 1903fe12   wlb g/-   3c
>Golovachev,Apollon F   TVR   1877oc15   bwl a/j    
>Goncharov,Ivan A 1812je06 SMB SPB 1891se15   wlt $ q/w *A05 3c
>Gorlov,Ivan Ya 1814   SPB 1890oc05     ?♠ p/- *A06 3c+
>Grigor'ev,Nikolai A 1837 TULg         ♠˜▼ m/r *B13 2c
>Grigorovich,Dmitrii V 1822mr19 SMB SPB 1899de22     a/w *A04 2m
>Gromeka,Stepan S 1823 PLTg SDLg 1877se15     m/a *B07  
>Grot,Konstantin K 1815     1897 GRM   q/c *A05? 3c
>Gulevich,Mikhail S     GNVe 1874my02     s/p    
>Ikonnikov,Aleksandr I 1830c           ▲˜♣ dxv *A08 3d
>Ivasheva,Vera V.f. 1837 SBR         ♠˜$ vnt    
>Izdebskii,Stanislav R 1841 VTBg         s/r   3c-
>Kalachov,Nikolai V 1819my26 VLAg SARg 1885oc25   wlt q/a *A06 3c+
>Kalinowski,Bal'tazar F 1827ja14     1884 POL   p/a *A08 3c+
>Kasatkin,Viktor I 1831se16 MVA GNVe 1867de10     $ b/r *A13  
>Katkov,Mikhail N 1818 MVA MVAg 1887     ♠˜♣ a/j *A03 3c+
>Kavelin,Konstantin D 1818no04 SPB SPB 1885my03   wlt p/q   3c+
>Kel'siev,Ivan I 1841c   ROMe 1864je09   bdn b/r *A14 2c
>Kel'siev,Vasilii I 1835 SPB SPB 1872oc04   bdn b/r   3c-
>Kemnits,Evgenii K 1832 XRK   1871au16   BDN ?♣ a/j   3c-
>Khankin,Viktor L     SPB 1875je09     a/m *A05 3m
>Khokhriakov,Vasilii Kh 1839fe14     1877+     s/a   3m
>Khomiakov,Aleksei S 1804my01 MVA LPT 1860se23 RUS   a/s   3c
>Khristoforov,Aleksandr Kh 1838 KZNg 1913de31   bdn s/r   3c-
>Khudiakov,Ivan A 1842ja01 SBR? IRK 1876se19   BDN s/r   3c-
>Kittary,Modest Ya 1824 ? PRM SPB 1880mr28 gjn   ?♠˜♣ p/a   3c+
>Kokorev,Vasilii A 1817ap23 VGD SPB 1889ap22   bdw $ b/-    
>Korkunova,Mariia M.f.     SPB 1903mr17     s/a   3c!
>Korsakov,Aleksandr S 1831     1862     m/r *B06 2m
>Korsh,Evgenii F 1810de27     1897oc06   bdn q/a *A06 3c
>Korsh,Valentin F 1828no28 MVA HDB 1883je25   bdn a/j   3c
>Korsini,Nataliia I.f.         gjn   s/-   3c-!
>Koshelev,Aleksandr I 1806my09 MVA MVA 1883no12 RUS bdw g/b    
>Kostomarov,Nikolai I 1817my04 VORg SPB 1885ap07 U/R bdn p/- *A08 3c+
>Kostomarov,Vsevolod D 1837   SPB 1865de07?     a/j *B13  
>Kotliarevskii,Aleksandr A 1837 PLT ITL 1881se29     a/e    
>Kovalevskii,Egor P 1809fe06 XRKg SPB 1868se21     q/c *B03 3c
>Kovalevskii,Evgraf P 1790de10 XRK SPB 1867ap18     q/c *A? 3c
>Kovalevskii,Vladimir O 1842au02 VTBg MVA 1883ap16 P/R lnd a/p *A09 3c+
>Kozhanchikov,Dmitrii E     SPB 1877de07 StO wlb $ a/p    
>Kozlov,Aleksei A 1831fe08 MVA SPB 1901fe27   lnd a/e *A06? 3c
>Kraevskii,Andrei A 1810fe05 MVA SPBg 1889au08   bdw ♥˜♣ a/p *A05 3c
>Krasovskii,Aleksandr A 1829           ▲˜♣ dxv *E? 3d
>Krempin,Valerian A       1889ja27     ?♠ m/a *B07 3m
>Krestovskii,Vsevolod V 1840fe11 KIVg WZA 1895ja18 UKR bdn a/j *B06 3c-
>Kril',Aleksandr A 1843     1908 ?   s/r   3c
>Kruze,Nikolai F 1823     1901     q/a *A? 3c
>Kudinovich,Nikolai Z 1841c   SPB 1870     s/r   3c
>Kulish,Panteleimon A 1819jy27? QERg QERg 1897fe02 Uks lnd ♠˜♣ a/c *A13 3c-
>Kurbanovskii,Aleksei N 1842fe08   SPB 1912   bdn ?♣ a/e   3c-
>Kurochkin,Nikolai S 1830je02 SPB SPB 1884de02   bdn ▼˜♠ a/w   3c
>Kurochkin,Vasilii S 1831jy28 SPB SPB 1875au15   bdn ▼˜♠ q/a *A11 3m
>Kushelev-Bezborodko,Grig 1832ja20     1870my07   wlt ♠T2 a/c    
>Lamanskii,Evgenii I 1824de SPB SPB 1902ja31   wlt q/e *A? 3c
>Lamanskii,Vladimir I 1833je26 SPB SPB 1914no19     a/s   3c+
>Latkina,Antonina M.f.           wlx ?♣ vnt    
>Lavrov,Petr L 1823je PSKg PRSe 1900fe   wln m/p *B06 3m
>Lebedinskii,Petr V 1835   KNW 1912     ?$ s/a   3c-
>Leshkov,Vasilii N 1810au02 QERg MVA 1881ja21     p/a   3c
>Levashev,Aleksandr N 1841se14 RZNg   1900oc03     s/-   3c-
>Linev,Aleksandr L 1843c NVG   1918     s/r   3c
>Lobanov,Vasilii V 1842c SPB         ?♠ s/r    
>Loboda,Viktor V 1818c PLTg   1875+ UKR     q/r *B09  
>Lokhvitskii,Aleksandr V 1830     1884my16     ?♠ p/q   3c+
>Longinov,Mikhail N 1823no02 SPB SPB 1875ja23   wln q/c *A? 3c
>Luginin,Vladimir F 1834 KOSg PRS 1911   wlx m/r *B12 3m3c+
>Maikov,Apollon N 1822my23 MVA SPB 1897mr08     ♣˜♠ q/w *A04 3c
>Makarov,Anatolii N 1840c             s/-   3c
>Makkaveev,Andrei F 1839jy04 PNZg? MVAg 1861au04   wln s/-   3c-
>Makkaveev,Vasilii F 1841ja01 PNZ? PNZ?     wln s/-   3c-
>Maksheev,Aleksei I 1822my12 NVGg SPB 1892ap02   wln m/p *B03 3m
>Maksimov,Sergei V 1831se25 KOSg SPB 1901jy31?     a/j   3m-
>Manassein,Viacheslav A 1841mr03 KZN SPB 1901fe13 ? bdn s/a   3c(md
>Markovich,Mariia A.f. 1834de10 ORLg CAU 1907jy28 UKR   a/w   2c
>Maslov,Stepan A 1793de23 MVA MVA 1879ap20   WLT ▲˜♠ g/b *A04 3d3c
>Mikhaelis,Evgenii P 1841se26 SPB SBR 1913de02 ? bdn s/-   3c-
>Mikhailov,Mikhail L 1829ja04 ORNg NRQ 1865au03 K/R   ˜♣˜♠ a/w *A13 3c-
>Mikhailov,Nikolai A 1843 SAR      
  m/r *B? 3m
>Mikhailov,Pavel V 1843           s/- *B12 2c
>Miliukov,Aleksandr P 1817 TMBg SPB 1897fe06 UKR   a/j   3c
>Mitrofanov,Mikhailo V             ♥˜¢ s/-   edc1
>Moravskii,Petr F 1837c BES ODE 1919de23     s/a   3c
>Mordvinov,Nikolai A 1827mr02     1884fe22     q/a *A07 3c
>Morigerovskii,Aleksandr N       186? StO   ?▲ a/e *A08 3?
>Morigerovskii,Aleksei N 1832c TUL     StO   ?▲ a/e *E?  
>Moshkulov,Pavel S 1839c XRS           s/q   3c
>Mosolov,Yurii M 1838oc17 SARg XRK 1915+ POL bdn s/r   3c-
>Muravskii,Mitrofan D 1838 XRKg TMBg 1879no     s/r   3c-
>Nalband’ian,Mikael’ L 1829no02 NXQ SARg 1866ap01 ARM   s/p *E04? 3c
>Naranovich,Andrei P 1842c           s/p   2c+?
>Nekliudov,Nikolai A 1840oc17 SARg SPB 1896se01     s/p *A? 3c+
>Nekrasov,Nikolai A 1821no28 PODg SPB 1877de27 P/R bdw a/w   3c-
>Nichiporenko,Andrei I 1837 PLTg SPB 1863no07     ?♠ q/r *A14 2c
>Nikitenko,Aleksandr V 1804mr12 VORg SPBg 1877jy21     x▼˜♠ p/q *A04 3c+
>Nikol'skii,Aleksandr M 1840c ASX   1884+     s/r   2c
>Nos,Stepan D 1829c     1901 UKR     a/m   3m(md
>Novikov,Aleksandr V 1843 XRK         $ s/-   3c-
>Obolenskii,Aleksandr A           wln ♠T1 g/a    
>Obruchev,Nikolai N 1830no21 SPBg FRN 1904je25   wlt m/p *B06 3m
>Obruchev,Vladimir A 1836ja30 TVRg SPB 1912fe   bdn m/r *B12 3m
>Odoevskii,Vladimir F 1803jy30 MVA MVA 1869fe27   bdn ♠T1 q/c *A0? 2c
>Ohryzko,Jozafat 1826 VTB? IRK 1890 P/R bdn q/r *A08  
>Ol'khin,Sergei A 1841ja13 SPBg   1916se10     q/c *A03 2c
>Olszewski,Leon 1841c KOVg     P0L   s/-   3c-
>Ostrogorskii,Viktor P 1840fe16 SPB NVGg 1902ja31   bdn a/e   3c
>Ostrovskii,Aleksandr N 1823mr31 MVA KOSg 1886je02   bdw ♣˜♠ a/w   3c
>Ostrovskii,Mikhail A               s/- *A11 3c-
>Padlewski,Zygmunt 1835     1863my03 POL wln m/r *B? 3m
>Palauzov,Spiridon N 1818jy16 ODE SPBg 1872au14 BUL   $ q/c *A04 3c+
>Panaev,Valerian A 1824au29     1899au08     ?♠ q/c *A? 2c
>Panteleev,Longin F 1840oc06 VGDg SPB 1919de16     ♠˜♣ s/p   3c
>Paul'son,Iosif [Osip] I 1825       gjn   ?♣ a/e    
>Pavlov,Nikolai F 1803se09 MVA MVA 1864mr29     x▼˜♣ a/j   3c
>Pavlov,Platon V 1823oc07 NNGg SPB 1895mr29     p/a *A05 3c+
>Pechatkin,Evgenii P 1838mr07   SPB 1918mr07     $˜$+ b/-   3c
>Pechatkina,Varvara I.f. 1843no21 QERg PRM 1918oc24     b/-    
>Pekarskii,Petr P 1827my19 UFAg SPBg 1872jy12     q/r *A? 3c
>Pelikan,Evgenii V 1824 VLN SPB 1884my06 gjn   ?♣ q/a *A03 3m(md
>Petrov,Aleksandr V 1837     1885my20       a/m   3c+
>Piotrovskii,Ignatii A 1841c   SPB 1862mr18   bdn s/-   3c-
>Pisarev,Dmitrii I 1840oc02 ORLg Dubb 1868jy04     a/j   3c
>Pisemskii,Aleksei F 1821mr11 KOSg MVA 1881ja21   bdn ♣˜♠ a/w   3c
>Pleshcheev,Aleksei N 1825no22 KOS PRS 1893se26   bdw a/w *B14 3c-
>Podoski,Eduard V 1830c PODg     POL   s/r   3c
>Pogodin,Mikhail P 1800no11 MVA MVA 1875de08     x▼˜♣ p/- *A06 3c+
>Pogoski,Alexander 1816fe26 VTBg   1874au26 POL   m/r *B12 2c
>Pokrovskii,Apollinarii P 1837c NNGg         s/p   3c-
>Pomialovskii,Nikolai G 1835ap11 SPB SPB 1863oc05   bdn a/e   3d3c-
>Poniatovskii,Ivan V             $ s/p   3c-
>Popov,Vasilii P 1827 SPBg SPB 1886jy12   wlt m/a *B10 3c
>Portugalov,Veniamin O 1835ja18 PLT SAM 1896oc20 J/U wlx $ s/p   3c(md
>Potanin,Grigorii N 1835se21 TOMg TOM 1920je10 SBR   kzk m/a *B12 2m3c-
>Potebnia,Andrei A 1838au19 PLTg POL 1863ap20 UKR wln m/r *B12 2m
>Potekhin,Aleksei A 1829jy01 KOSg SPB 1908oc16   bdn g/a   2c
>Potekhin,Nikolai A 1834de KOSg SPB 1896jy07   bdn q/a *A? 3c
>Pushtorskii,Petr V 1840c NVGg NVGg 1906ap11     s/p   3c
>Putiata,Aleksandr D 1828 SMOg   1899je03   bdn m/a *B07 3m
>Pypin,Aleksandr N 1833mr25 SAR SPB 1904no26   bdn p/a   3c+
>Ragozin,Viktor I 1833au19 MVA SPB 1901au09   wlt g/a *A13 3c
>Redkin,Petr G 1808oc04 PLTg SPB 1891mr07 UKR wlt p/q   3c+
>Rekhnevskii,Stanislav 1833mr04 MINg   1885de20 POL bdn m/p *B07 3m
>Rikhter,Aleksandr A 1837     1898       q/r *A? 2c
>Roshchin,Petr E       1910     ?♠ a/e *B? 3m
>Rostovtsev,Mikhail Ya             ♠T2 q/r *B06  
>Rostovtsev,Nikolai Ya 1831     1897     ♠T2 q/r *B06  
>Rostovtseva,Vera F.f.             ♠T2 vnt    
>Rovinskii,Pavel A 1831 SAR   1916 P/R bdn g/a   3c
>Rozental',Leon M 1817 VLN   1887 Jwx wlt b/-   2d
>Rozhdestvenskii,Ivan A   TVRg SPB 1876my29     s/a   3c-
>Rybnikov,Pavel N 1831no24 MVA OLOg 1885no17 StO   $ s/p   3c
>Ryl'skii,Faddei R 1840 KIVg   1902 UKR   s/p   3c+
>Rymarenko,Sergei S 1839 SPB ASX 1869 UKR     s/p   3m-
>Salias-de-Turnemir,Eliz.f. 1815au12 MVA WZA 1892mr15 gjn wlt ♠T2 a/w    
>Saltykov,Mikhail E 1826ja15 TVRg SPB 1889ap28   WLT q/w *A? 2c
>Samarin,Yurii F 1819ap21 SPB BRL 1876mr19   wlt q/a *Aotx 3
>Saranchov,Dmitrii A 1833no26             q/a *A? 3c
>Selivanov,Il’ia 1810jy16 RZNg MVA 1882je24   wlt g/a *000  
>Semenov-Tian-Shanskii,Petr 1827ja02 Lipc SPB 1914fe26     g/a   3c
>Semevskii,Mikhail I 1837ja04 PSKg KRN 1892mr09 P/R bdn m/a *B13 2m3c-
>Sen'kovskii,Nikolai A 1826       P/R   ?♠ m/a    
>Serno-Solov’evich,Aleksand 1838jy15 SPB GNVe 1869au04   wlt $˜♠ q/r *A09 2c
>Serno-Solov’evich,Nikolai 1834de13 SPB IRKx 1866fe14     $˜♠ q/r *A07 2c
>Shatilov,Nikolai M 1843c KZN         s/r   3c-
>Shchapov,Afanasii P 1830ja18 IRKg IRK 1876fe27 StO bdn ▲˜♣ dxv *E? 3d
>Shchebal'skii,Petr K 1810 PSKg WZA 1886mr20   BDN q/c *A05 3m
>Shchepkin,Nikolai M 1820fe20 PLT MVA 1886au14     ▼˜♣˜♠ b/-   3c(+)
>Shelgunov,Nikolai V 1824no24 SPB SPB 1891ap12 G/R   m/r *B07 2m+
>Shelgunova,Liudmila P.f. 1832 PRM   1901       vnt    
>Shevchenko,Taras G 1814fe25 KIVg SPB 1861fe26 UKR   x▼ a/w    
>Shipov,Pavel A 1841fe19   MVA 1892jy28   wlx s/r   3c
>Shipov,Sergei P 1790fe05 KOSg   1875jy25   WLT g/b *B02  
>Shishkin,Ioakinf I           BDN a/c    
>Shpilevskaia,Mariia S.f.             a/e    
>Shtakenshneider,Elena A.f. 1836     1897 GRM wlt ♠˜♣ vnt    
>Shuvalov,Andrei Pavel 1816     1876   wlt ♠T2 g/-    
>Sierakowski,Zygmund 1826my26 VLNg LTV 1863je15 POL   ♠T2 m/r *B09 3c3m-
>Simanovskii,Arsenii N 1845c     1913ja     s/p   3m-(m
>Sleptsov,Aleksandr A 1836se28     1906je22   wlb q/r *A08 2c+
>Smoleński,Severin F 1838c KIVg     POL   s/r   3c-
>Sokolov,Nikolai N 1826de01 YARg SPB 1877jy13     $ p/a   3c+
>Soldatenkov,K 1818oc10 MVA MVA 1901my19 StO   $ b/-    
>Solov'ev,Sergei M 1820my05 MVA MVA 1879oc04     ▲˜♠ p/- *A06 3c+
>Soroko,Iosif K 1839se13 VLN     POL   s/r   3c
>Spasowicz,Wladimir D 1829ja16 Goml WZA 1906oc13 POL bdw p/a *A08 3c?
>Spasskii,Petr L 1837c KUR         s/q *A11 3c
>Stasiulevich,Mikhail M 1826au28 SPB SPB 1911ja23   bdw p/- *A05 3c+
>Stasov,Dmitrii V 1828de20 SPB SPB 1918ap28   wlt q/a *A08 3c
>Stasov,Vladimir V 1824ja02 SPB SPB 1906oc10   wlt a/c   3c
>Stasova,Nadezhda V.f. 1822je12 CrS   1895   wlt vnt    
>Stepanov,Dmitrii T 1839c KURg         s/r   3c-
>Stepanov,Nikolai A 1807ap21 KLG MVA 1877no23     a/j   2c
>Stoiunin,Vladimir Ya 1826de16 SPB SPB 1888no04   bdn $ a/e   3c
>Stopanovskii,Mikhail M 1830     1877mr14     ?♣ a/j    
>Strakhov,Nikolai N 1828oc16 KURg SPB 1896ja24     a/j   3c+
>Stronin,Oleksandr I 1826fe20 KURg YAL 1889ja29 UKR   x▼˜♣ a/e *A04 3c
>Sudakevich,Fedor S 1843fe04     1883fe25       s/r *A11 3c
>Sulin,Yakov A 1842c DonR         s/-   3c-
>Suslova,Nadezhda P.f. 1843 NNGg   1910+     ▼˜♣ s/-   3c!
>Sviridenko,Matvei Ya 1830c     1864oc27       a/e   3c
>Terner,Fedor G 1828oc12?     1906au07 ENG   q/e *A? 3c
>Tiblen,Leon L 1836ja14     1883fe18 FRN bdn a/p    
>Tiblen,Nikolai L 1825 SPB   1869c FRN bdw a/p *A11 2m3c-
>Tkachev,Petr N 1844je29 PSKg   1885   bdn s/r   3c
>Tolbin,Vasilii V 1821     1869fe04   bdn ?♠ a/j   2m+
>Toll',Feliks G 1823fe17 Nrva SPB 1867no09 GRM bdn a/e   3c
>Tolstoi,Aleksei K 1817au24 SPB ORLg 1875se28     ♠T2 a/w   3c
>Tolstoi,Lev N 1828se28 TULg URLs 1910no07   wlt ♠T2 a/w   3c-?
>Trubetskoi,Nikolai Platon             ♠T1 g/a *D05  
>Trubetskoi,Pavel Petr             ♠T1 g/a *B13  
>Trubnikova,Mariia V.f. 1835 SBR TMB 1897ap28     ♠˜$ vnt    
>Turgenev,Ivan S 1818 ORL PRS 1883   wlt a/w    
>Umnov,Ivan N 1836c     1863jy   bdn s/r   3c-!
>Umnov,Viktor N 1841c TMBg       bdn s/r   3c-
>Unkovskii,Aleksei M 1828de24 TVRg SPB 1893de20   bdn g/a   3c
>Usov,Stepan A 1825     1890       m/a *B06 2m+
>Utin,Boris I 1832     1872 J-X wlx $˜♣ p/- *A06 3c(+?
>Utin,Nikolai I 1841jy27 XRSg SPB 1883no19 J-X wlx $˜♣ s/r   3c
>Vasil’chikov,Aleksandr I 1818oc27     1881oc02   wlt ♠T1 g/-   3c
>Vasil’ev,Nikolai V 1845c   YAKx 1888no09     $˜$+ s/-   3c-
>Vedernikov,Ivan V             s/-   3c
>Vernadskaia,Mariia N.f. 1831de27 SPB HDB 1860oc12     ?♠ a/j   1c
>Vernadskii,Ivan V 1821my24 KIV SPB 1884mr26 UKR   p/a   3c+
>Veshniakov,Vladimir I 1830no16 SPB SPB 1906fe06     q/c *A02 3c
>Vessel’,Nikolai Kh 1834     1906je03 gjn   ?♣ a/e   3c
>Vodovozov,Vasilii I 1825se27 SPB SPB 1886my17   WLT $ a/e *A08 3c
>Voronov,Andrei S 1819 OLOg   1875   bdn q/c *A? 3c
>Yakovlev,Aleksei A 1844c   SBRx 1866     s/-   3c-
>Yakovlev,Vasilii V             ?♠ b/- *A09 3c!
>Yakushkin,Evgenii I 1826ma20 MVA YAR 1905ap27   wlt q/c *A? 3c
>Yakushkin,Pavel I 1822ja14 ORLg SAM 1872ja08   wlt a/s   3c-
>Yashchenko,Leonid N 1838c PLTg     UKR   s/-   3c-
>Zablotskii-Desiatovskii,An 1808jyl4 QER SPB 1881de24     q/c *A02 3c+
>Zaichnevskii,Petr G 1842se18 ORLg SMO 1896mr19     s/r   3c-
>Zaionchkovskii,Ivan I   KLG?   1872   bdn s/-   3c-
>Zaitsev,Varfolomei A 1842au30 KOS SWZ 1882ja20   bdW s/r   3c-?
>Zaitseva,Varvara A.f.           bdn /r    
>Zhemchuzhnikov,Aleksei M 1821fe10 QERg TMBg 1908mr25? U/R   a/w   3c
>Zhukov,Il’ia G 1830   Crcn 1911se30     m/r *B10 2m
>Zhukovskaia,Ekaterina I.f. 1841     1913   bdn   vnt    
>Zhukovskii,Nikolai I 1833 UFA GNVe 1895my10     q/r *A13 3c
>Zhukovskii,Yulii G 1822ap22? SPB SPB 1907no14   bdw ?♠ q/a *A? 3c
>Zotov,Vladimir R 1821je22 SPB SPB 1896fe06 TTR   ˜♣ a/j *A05 2c+
 >Zúk,Alexander   VTBg     P/R   s/-   3c-