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Prepared by Heghine Hakobyan

Slavic Librarian


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AE5B58 - Encyclopedias by languages

D5K4     - History (General)

DK         - History of Russia, Former Soviet Union, Former Soviet Republics

G2111    - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation, USSR, Russia

HX         - Socialism, Communism, Archaism

JN          - Political institutions and public administration

ND699   - Russian fine arts

PG          - Slavic, Baltic literature

Z2495     - Russian bibliography


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Russia History

Soviet Union History

Russia Federation History


Subject, name, title, and other subject headings authorized by the Library of Congress [W] 


Citing sources in research papers [W]


Online databases, including the Current Digest of Post-Soviet Press and Russian Central Newspapers [W]


World Wide Web Resources on Russian History


CIA World Factbook [W]


Russia Britannica Online Encyclopedia [W]


Russia: Country Studies, Federal Research Division, Library of Congress [W]


Soviet Archives Exhibit of Library of Congress [W]


The Face of Russia by Dr. James H. Billington [W]


Alexander Palace Russian History websites [W]



Online books


Google book search [W]


Memories of the Russian Court by Anna Vyrubova [TXT]


The red book of the peoples of Russian Empire by Margus Kolga, and others [TXT]


Unmaking Imperial Russia by Serhii Plokhy [TXT]


Last days at Tsarskoe Selo by Count Paul Benckendorff [TXT]


An ambassador’s memoirs by Maurice Paleologue [TXT]


The history of the Russian Revolution by Leon Trotsky [TXT]


Thirteen years at the Russian Court by Pierre Gilliard [TXT]


Russian for fun


Privet - Paka

Da – net

Otlichno [Ut-LEECH-no]


Yellow Blue Vase [Ya lyublyu Vas]


Chyort vozmi [vazmi]