International Conference on Operator Algebras and Operator Theory in in Shanghai
(New Announcement)
*** Possible financial support We have NSF travel grant now
* Confirmed speakers
* Hotel information
Host: East China Normal University, Shanghai, China.
Time: July 4-July 9 (1997)
International Program Committee:
Akemann, Chuck
Blackadar, Bruce
Bratteli, Ola
Effros, Ed
Elliott, George
Kadison, Richard
Li, Bingren
Pedersen, Gert K
Tomiyama, Jun
Yan, Shaozhong
Wu, Liangsen
Secretary: Huaxin Lin
Local Organizing Committee:
Chen, Xiaoman; Li, Shao Kuan; Hu, Shanwen (Secretary); Shen, Chunli; Wang, Jiangpan (Chairman); Wang, Zong Yao; Zhang, Dianzhou (Deputy Chairman)
Co-organizers in USA:
Liming Ge,
Huaxin Lin,
Zhong-jin Ruan,
Shuang Zhang
e-mail correspondence:
Speakers (Those names with star (X) are confirmed as of April 2nd)
W. Arveson, ********* (X) M-D. Choi,
(X)Joachim Cuntz, *******(X) George Elliott,
(X)Yasu Kawahigashi,**** (X) David Larson,***** (X) Bingren Li,
(X)Gilles Pisier,*********(X) Marc Rieffel,******(X) Ering Stormer,
M. Takesaki. ********* (X)N. Salinas
Other speakers include:
(X)Watanani Yasuo,
(X) Xingde Dai, (X) Carla Farsi, Guihua Gong,
(X)Ronghui Ji, (X) C. Pasnicu,
(X)N. C. Phillips, Mikeal Rordam
(X)Albert Sheu, Klaus Thomsen, Jack Tsui
Ken Dykema, (X) Carl Winslow, (X) G. Wiess
(X)S. Yamagami, (X) T. Itoh, (X)S-H. Kye,
(X)H. Osaka, (X) K. Matsumoto,
Danrun Huang, (X) Shigeru Yamagami #
We are expecting more participants to contribute 20 minute talks. Those who wish to speak should indicate in the following registration form AND send an e-mail message to the above mentioned e-mail address. (In case that it becomes necessary, the priority will be given to those who register before March 1st.)
is the largest city in China and has been the commercial and industry center of China since 1920's. It is located in the east coast (Pacific). It is about 1 hour and 20 minutes by air and 17 hours by train from Beijing, the capital of China.
If you want to tour Beijing, or Xi'An, or Guiling, or any other places, and you want us to make an arrangement, we can help. Please indicate in the following registeration form. You may also contact Hu, Shanwen directly (address below).
There are many flights between Shanghai and cities over the world: New York, Chicago, Los Angels, San Fransisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancovour, Frankfurt, Zurich, Munich, Sydney, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Seoul, Moscow, New Deli. (Northwestern, United, Air China, China Eastern etc. serve flights from North America to Shanghai, other airlines include Japan airline, Korean airline, Singapore Airline). China Eastern currently offers $825 from Los Angeles to (Shanghai-Beijing) (1-800-621-4685) 206-343-5583, 206-431-9155 Air China currently offers $835 for a direct flight from San Fransisco to (Shanghai-Beijing) (415-961-7777) Here are other numbers: 1-800-887-6883, 1-800-275-3384 and 1-800-456-3136. For those from North America, we suggest that you book the ticket as soon as possible (seats to China are limited and to Hong Kong are not available since last year even for bussiness class).
You can easily to get a travel visa to enter China. However, the local organizing committee intends to invite you as the guest of the Education Ministry. Those who can provide their passport numbers to local organizers before April 15th will be able to get an invitation letter from National Commission of Education and then proceed visa matter very easily. The local organizer will be able to inform consulates. Those who choose to apply a travel visa later should also give sufficient time for consulates to proceed. People from several countries in East Europe (but not from former USSR) do not need a visa to enter China. But we advise that you should figure this out by yourself by contacting relevant Chinese Embassies.
Conference fee
There will be a conference fee of 200 USD (Company: 90 USD). This includes ALL meals, transportation from airport, a banquet, two tours and other services that could not be directly paid by any public fundings.
Before June 1st: 200 USD (Company 90 USD)
After June 1st: 220 USD (Company 100 USD)
A personal check ( payable to Department of Mathematics, East China Normal University) will be accepted if you pay before June 1st. After June 1st, we only accept travel check or currency (USD, Japanese Yen, Mark, Pound, Franc, and Hong Kong Dollar)
We would like to let you know that we are applying limited fundings. But at this moment, we do not make any financial commitment.
We have five classes for your choice:
(1) Hilton Hotel (Five Star) 120 USD / room, night
(Just in downtown, 20 minutes from University Campus by Taxi)
Tel. (86)-(21)-62480000 (2) Galaxy Hotel (four star) 100 USD / room, night
(10 minutes from University Campus by Taxi)
(3) Jin Sha Jiang Hotel (three star) 50 USD / room night
(8 minutes from University Campus by walk)
Tel. (86)-(21)-62578888 (4) Campus Hotel(A) 35 USD /room/ night
(with bath, air condition).
(5) Campus Hotel(B) 25 USD / room/night
(with bath, air condition)
(If you choose (4) and (5) and decide to share room with one additional person, you need only pay a half.)
You can contact with Hotel (1), (2) directly. We can help if you needed. Keep on mind that the hotels (1) and (2) are not within a walking distance from the conference rooms. Taking taxi, bus, or other transportation in a very crowd city may be a headache for non-Chinese speakers. Because most participants would like to stay in (3),(4),(5), we will reserve the room for you, according to your choice in the registration form.
Information about financial support (for those from USA who wish to be supported by NSF).
There is a very good chance for us to partially support those come from USA. Those who is definitely going and wish to be supported, please contact
Currency Exchange:
1 USD(travel check) = 8.3 RMB(Chinese Yuan) (approximately) 1 USD(Cash) = 8.15 RMB (approximately)
People can use the US$$ as a base to propotionally find the exchange rate between Chinese Yuan and other currencies. Major credit cards may be useful to get additional cash in many banks in Shanghai and Beijing. Main Hotels may also accept credit cards. One can make an exchange at the airport, local banks, in Hotel (1) (2), and (3). No currency exchange service in Campus Hotel, but some clerks can help you. By the way, Hotel (3) is near campus (a 8-minute walk). We will mail an arrival sheet to every participant in which a skecth map, reception, registration desk, Hotel Name (in Chinese), and taxi rates will be included. Please inform local organizers of your arriving date, time, airlines and flight numbers. Anybody who arrives in a reasonable time will be picked up at the airport. A reasonable taxi rate should be 50-60 RMB (about 7 USD) but could be much higher. Drivers usually do not speak English or any languages other than Chinese. It is wise to show your Hotel Name in Chinese. Those who arrive Shanghai before July 3rd or leave after Thursday July 10 may have to arrange their own transportation to the airport. But let the local organizers know anyway. Campus hotels may available longer than the conference duration.
Other travel Information:
Many participants plan to visit Beijing. We contacted with the CHINA MF INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SERVICE and they promise a discount price: 470-500 USD, it includes one way air ticket from Shanghai to Beijing, three nights accommodation, all visiting transportation and tickets for visiting places. However, this group must have at least 10 persons. If you like this arrangement , please let us know. In this situation, you probably have to departure for home from Beijing, not Shanghai! Also note that many airlines from North America have the same rate to Shanghai as to Beijing. Most of them arrive Shanghai first. Others arrive Beijing first. Some of the airlines will allow you to stop one of these places. You might want to take this advantage. Other choice are Xi'an (450 USD), Guilin (500 USD), Yangtze River(1,000 USD), Hangzhou (120 USD). If you would like to visit, please contact us. Those from North America could arrange their tour by contacting your local travel agents (with Asian or Chinese names ----- some of them conduct thier own tour (directly) inside China. In that way, you can get more information about tour from them). Those who wish to adventure themselves could save significantly.
If you have not sent the following form yet, please fill it and mail to:
Professor Hu, Shan Wen / Zhang, Dian Zhou
Department of Mathematics
East China Normal University
Shanghai 200062 P. R. CHINA
Fax: (86)-(21)-62578367
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Registration Form for International Conference
On Operator Algebras and Operator Theory in Shanghai
Mailing address (if other than above)
e-mail: _________________________________
SS# (if you from US and optional): ________________________
Do you want to give a (20 minute) talk_______Yes_____ No_____.
Title of the talk:___________________________________________
Birthday (optional):____________________
Passport number(optional):_____________________________
Name, Birthday and Passport number of the companies
Which Consulate, or Embassy you want to apply your visa:
(City) __________________________________
I have enclosed a check of 200 USD _____ and 90 USD (company)
(if you mail before March 1st) 180 USD ______ and 80 USD (company)
I choose the following accommodation
(1) Hilton. (2) Galaxy (3) Jin Sha Hotel
(4) Campus (A). (5) Campus (B)
I want to share a room with _______________________________
I will arrive at___________________________________ and leave on _____________________________________ #