10 % of the grade.

5 points for participation in data collection (3) and peer editing (2). First peer editing was for research reports; the second will be for take-home finals, last day of class,. Be sure to bring SEVERAL drafts of your final paper to be sure everyone will have a chance to peer edit.

5 points determined by self-evaluation and evaluation of your fellow group members (Wed of dead week). Was each member an active, conscientious contributor to group essays and other group exercises? (5) or not (1-4)

OPTIONAL: Present research report results, or prepare overheads for Holly to present results.* This will count as EXTRA participation & can offset one missed peer editing or data collection, or a point missed in group evaluation.

* For presenting your research results, make 2-3 pages for overheads. One page should have your name, which data set (Class exercise, Observation study, Membership Questionnaire) you looked at, and your Hypotheses.

Then make 1-2 pages showing Results. Tables or Graphs make good visuals. You can also give the means and the results of tests without any visuals, for example: t(35) = 3.67, p < .05, mean for high diversity 5.7, for low diversity 4.0, Hypothesis 1 supported.

Make type large enough that it will be readable. Print these out and give them to me by Friday class, and I will make the actual overheads. Please let me know if you would like to present these yourself or have me present the results.