Individual response #3

2 copies due at the BEGINNING of class on Monday. Type double-space, and be sure to put your name, Ind. Response #3, and your Group number on the top of the page. Length should be 100-150 words (Word and Wordperfect will both count words for you).


Of the five (or more) types of influence discussed by Forsyth (Ch. 7) identify two that were used by the operating room nurses (Hackman, Ch. 18) before the organizational redesign. Support your choices with evidence from the case study. Then identify one specific change in the influence patterns that occurred after the nurses were reorganized into teams.

State your choices clearly and succinctly at the beginning of your response, and support them with evidence from the books. Be specific about the change in influence patterns.

Cite as follows:

(Forsyth, 1999, p. XX) or

(Hackman, 1990, pp. X-X)

Please spell words correctly and write in full sentences! Thank you.