PROTOCOL--Class Exercise

Step One:

Have people assemble in the same groups they were in on Monday.

Stray people: Add to existing groups or form a new group.

Step Two:

Have assistant pass out instruction sheets and Individual Decision Sheet to each person. Read these instructions aloud to the groups. While you are doing this, assistant should give each group a number card and put a member letter card in front of each member

(Leadership condition--Holly--try for even number of male and female leaders)

Step Three:

Give people 5 minutes to fill out Individual Decision Sheet. Remind them to make these choices privately, without consulting each other, and remind them to put their group number and member letter on the top.

Step Four:

Give each group a Group Decision Sheet. Tell them one member of each group should read the instructions aloud to the rest of the group. After they have done this, give them 10 minutes to complete the task. Remind the groups when there are 2 minutes remaining. At the end of the time, COLLECT THE GROUP DECISION SHEETS.

Step Five:

Give each person a Post-Discussion Sheet. Remind them to make these choices privately. They have 4 minutes for this task.

Step Six:

Hand out the Member Questionnaires. These should take about 5 minutes, but maybe less. Remind them to put their group and member letter at the top of this questionnaire AND ALL OF THEIR OTHER FORMS.

Step Seven:

Bring everyone back to the main room. Tell them to bring their individual decision sheets and post-discussion sheets with them.

Holly gives the expert scores so people can copy these down and figure their difference scores. She also will identify the main condition (consensus vs assigned leader) and discuss a few DVs that may be affected by this manipulation.