Essay E (& IR#7)

Cases 25 and 26 both provide examples of intergroup relations between subsets of people. In Case 25, the core group and quality support group are distinct subgroups, as are the associates and advisors. In Case 26, the flight attendants and cockpit crew form distinct subgroups.

ASSIGNMENT: Drawing on BOTH packet readings for the week AND Forsyth Ch. 13, analyze conflict and cooperation among these subgroups using the framework of intergroup relations. The task of this final essay is to demonstrate your ability to integrate research findings and theoretical concepts in analyzing cases of actual groups. Be sure to draw on BOTH packet readings AND Forsyth in your analysis. You may also cite material from the guest lecture by Rothbart.

Individual response: Should address some element of this assignment, based on the packet reading that you have and any further division of labor agreed on by the group.

NOTE:You need to cite each of the three sources at least *once*, but you don't need to connect each one to both cases.