Essay D (& IR#6)

Assume that Maltshire Beer (case 22) has reorganized its sales force into larger teams. One of these larger teams combines former members of the Underdogs and Topdogs teams. Assume also that People Express (case 23) has combined the Wunderkind and Dyad teams into a 5-person group that covers jumbo jet flights.

A. Using the framework on p. 355 in Bettenhausen & Murnighan (1985) (Packet B), identify which one (or possibly two) of the four cells in the diagram you think will apply to each one of these new merged groups. Support your choices with reasoning based on B&M's model of norm development.

B. Drawing on Armstrong & Cole's (1996) (Packet A) discussion of problems in groups that combine different cultures, make a specific recommendation for ensuring that either the new Maltshire team or the new People Express team (pick one) will function effectively. Explain why you think your advice would work, using details from the case and from A&C's theory and findings.

NOTE: The Individual Responses need to address some or all of this assignment. People should read their assigned Packet reading very carefully, and also read at least one of the cases. Be sure the division of labor is clear to all.