Essay C (& IR#5)

A. For the 4 case studies in Hackman Part 4, classify the main task performed by each group according to Steiner's typology (see Forsyth Ch. 10). Note that there are several components to this typology.

B. Pick a single group among those covered in the four cases and make a specific recommendation for improving group performance by EITHER changing the group composition OR improving group process to decrease productivity losses.

Connect your essay to discussion in Forsyth and cite specific evidence from the cases to support your choices.

NOTE: The Individual Responses need to address some or all of this assignment. It's probably unwise to have only one member read each case, however -- could easily lead to satisficing. Probably better to have each member read two of the 4 cases.

Be sure the division of labor is clear to all. EVERYONE must complete an Individual Response.