Essay B (& IR#4)

In Ch. 11, Forsyth identifies many components that contribute to effective decision-making and many common problems groups face (Tables 11-1 & 11-2 summarize a few).

A. Drawing on Forsyth, identify 2 positive and 2 negative aspects of the group decision process for case 19 (Perkins & Abrams) and for case 20 (Shaw). Support your analysis with specific evidence from the cases.

B. Choose one case and make a recommendation for improving the group decision process that is both SPECIFIC and FEASIBLE (i.e., takes into consideration the constraints the group faces).

NOTE: The Individual Responses need to address some or all of this assignment. You might want to have two people specialize on one case, two on the other, or have two people specialize on Part A, two on B. Be sure the division of labor is clear to all. EVERYONE must complete an Individual Response.