Individual response #2 (& Essay A)

2 copies of Individual Response due at the BEGINNING of class on Wednesday. Type double-space, and be sure to put your name and "Ind. Response #2" on the top of the page. Length should be 100-150 words (Word and Wordperfect will both count words for you).

NOTE: The individual response should address some aspect of the assignment, but does not need to address all parts. The group essay will address the whole assignment. On Friday, your group should decide the division of labor. For example, you may assign different members to focus on different cases in their individual response, or to focus on part 1 or part 2 of the assignment.

Essay A assignment:

1. In the 3 case studies in Hackman Part One, classify the leaders of each group according to Vroom's typology (Forsyth, Ch. 12, pp. 364-366). Keep in mind that there may be more than one leader in a group and a leader may use more than one style. Support your choices with specific evidence from the cases.

2. Pick one case and identify a problem with status or roles or some other aspect of structure (Forsyth Ch. 5) that appears to have caused problems for the group. Make a specific recommendation for improving the group's effectiveness by changing the structure.

NOTE: The essay should address both parts of the assignment.

Cite as follows:

(Forsyth, 1999, p. xx) or

(Hackman, 1990, p. x)

Note: You will be putting together Essay A in class on Wednesday. Bring Ind. Response & your books.