Motet Instructions

Motet is a web-based conference system. This is where you post your journal entries, and where I will post announcements in between classes. Motet is NOT part of gladstone or oregon or darkwing; it is a self-contained piece of software that runs on a separate machine and follows its own rules. Read the instructions below carefully BEFORE you register to avoid common errors that will mess up your registration and cause delays and frustration. You must ALL register for Motet and post at least 3 mess ages, even if you choose the low-tech option for journals. You'll want to check regularly for announcements as well.

1. Using your Web browser (Netscape or Explorer) go to the class page (see first page of syllabus for address) and click on GETTING STARTED in the Motet box. Read the text carefully all the way through.

2. Register, using the SAME NAME you use for e-mail for your "Motet user ID." Fill in your e-mail address COMPLETELY: mine is DO NOT use a short form: harrow, for example, or harrow@darkwing. If you do, Motet will not be able to send you a password, and you will NOT be able to log on. Instead you will have to call Lucy Lynch to get your account straightened out, which can take a while. PROOFREAD your e-mail address carefully, TWICE! If it's incorrect, Motet will not be able to send you a password, etc.

3. After you receive an email with your password, change your password (click CHANGE PASSWORD in Motet box on class page). To get into this screen you will need to type your Motet ID and the original password you were sent. For the new password, choose something EASY TO REMEMBER, and WRITE IT DOWN somewhere so you can look it up if you forget.

4. Now you are ready to go into Motet via the GO TO CONFERENCE link in the Motet box on the class page. This takes you directly to our class Motet conference. To read and contribute posts in our conference, click the arrow next to LIST ALL TOPICS. Click on the ? box to find out more about how to operate inside Motet. Post a message in the FIRST MESSAGES topic to let me know you made it! You can find the tutorial via the GETTING STARTED link. If you want to explore other conferences (for example, you might want to look at last year's 457 conference), go from our conference page to the MAIN PAGE via the link in the upper left.

5. TROUBLE-SHOOTING. Oops! Despite reading the directions, etc. etc., you are still having trouble getting on Motet. The person to contact is Lucy Lynch in the Computing Center. She runs Motet. Her e- mail is, and her phone is 346-1774. If you have trouble with Motet and can't post a journal entry, you can switch to a low-tech journal for that week and then return to Motet when the problem is solved.