Essay A

Ind.Response & Group essay A. Answer the following questions clearly and concisely, and back up your answers by citing the readings for the week from the packets and the book.

1. Which of the three cases (in Part One oif the book) provides the clearest example of a social dilemma?

2. Based on the readings (XYZ for Week 3), make a specific recommendation for using goals (group and/or individual) to improve this group's effectiveness.


Wed Jan 21, class: Bring two copies individual response (50-100 wds) to class

IN CLASS, your group will draft the GROUP ESSAY addressing these two questions.

Fri Jan 23, class: Whoever typed up the group essay should bring the typed essay to class for members to review, proofread & make final changes.

Fri by 4:30: Three copies of final essay due by 4:30 PM --give to main office to put in Dr. Arrow's box

Note: If the copy brought to class is in good shape (no further revision needed), you can hand this in as your final. No need to make extra copies -- we will take care of that for essays turned in at class time.