Short paper #2: WHAT DO YOU SEE? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Visual analysis

Note: Text limited to one page, 300 words. Up to two extra pages with visuals (copy of image and diagrams or drawings)may be included.

Option 1: Pick a painting, drawing, or sculpture that has a strong emotional effect on you and analyze how it achieves that effect. You will need to have a clear reproduction of the image (postcard size is fine) to attach as part of your visual supplement page(s). (For a sculpture, two separate views would be helpful.) Suggest two ways that the image could be changed that would change the emotional effect, and explain how the visual impact would change.

Option 2: Find a visual element (graph, diagram, drawing, photograph) used to support an argument or sell a product in a magazine, newspaper, or on the web. Include a printout or copy of this image as part of your visual supplement page(s). Identify the main message the image is intended to convey, and analyze the effectiveness of the image in conveying that message. Suggest how information left out of the image might change the interpretation if it were included.

Option 3: Find a political cartoon that makes its point primarily through visual information (rather than through dialogue). Attach a copy to your visual supplement page(s). Identify what the main point is, and analyze the effectiveness of the cartoon in conveying that point. Suggest a set of alterations in the cartoon that would change the message to make an opposite or very different point.

DEADLINE: Turn in to Barb in class, Wed, Nov 11, or to the main psychology office (Straub 131) to put in Barb Carini's box by 3 PM latest. If you do this, be sure to write clearly on the front of the paper "put in Barb Carini's mailbox." Late papers have an automatic 5-point deduction (out of 30 points possible for the paper). No papers will be accepted after Friday class is over (grade = 0).