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**UPDATED** Grades INCLUDING optional final & Letter Grades for Course. No challenges received at time of posting -- deadline is Wed at 5. But check and see if the challenge would make any difference to your grade.

Grades , with all grades except optional final.

Midterm 1:

Answer Key for Multiple Choice Questions

Midterm 2:

NOTE: Click here for the study guide . See study guide web page for questions and answers related to the study guide.

Answer Key for Multiple Choice Questions

Optional Final:

NOTE: Click here for the study guide . This covers EI chs 15 & 16 and CT chs. 20-30. You should also review the study guides for Midterms 1 & 2, and the midterms themselves. The format will be the same as the midterms (15 MC questions for 15 points; short answer worth 20 points) but you will complete the whole exam individually. We have adjusted the difficulty of the short answers with this in mind.

Answer Key for Multiple Choice Questions, Optional Final.

Note: Challenges are due by 5 PM Wednesday (drop off at Straub 131 to put in Holly's mailbox). Effective challenges typically (1) use evidence from the text to convince me that your chosen answer is a good one (2) demonstrate that you really do have a firm grasp of the material being tested.

Grades will be updated to reflect any changes based on Optional Final scores (including any challenge points) by the end of the day Thursday.