Grading System for Short Paper #2

30 points total: 20 for content; 10 for verbal (visual) expression of content

Content breakdown for option 1: Painting/drawing sculpture:

4 pts: Emotional effect + 12 pts: Visual analysis + 6 pts: Change in painting

Description of emotional effect (if partners differ, include both reactions)

4 = Subtlety and sophistication in identifying precise emotions and mood.

3 = Emotion / mood identified, elaborated somewhat

2 = Clear identification of generic emotion

1 = Some reference to emotion

Analysis of how it achieves effect.

11-12 = Insights give reader/viewer a new understanding of the piece--shows extensive observation and thinking that goes way beyond the obvious. Analysis refers directly to specific visual elements in the painting--particular lines, shapes, colors, aspects of composition, light/dark contrasts, content elements, and connects each element directly to emotions / mood. NOTE: Don't need to do LOTS of elements--do a few and do them well.

9-10 = Analysis is specific, sensible, focused. Thinking goes beyond the obvious.

7-8 = Satisfactory. Specific visual elements identified but not clearly tied to mood / emotion, or elements remain generic: "the colors are gloomy" ; points are obvious; little depth of thinking

5-6 = Completely generic analysis, competently executed; or promising mess

3-4 = Building blocks for an analysis but no sustained connection of ideas with artwork or emotion

1-2 = Little or no analysis related to the assignment

Two ways image could be changed; impact of change

6 = Two specific changes described, with clear identification of changes in emotional impact

Less than 6: Two changes not described; changes not specific; not tied to emotional impact; or connections not persuasive.

Content breakdown for option 2: Graph/diagram/photograph

4 pts: Identify main message + 12 pts: Visual analysis + 6 pts: What's missing

Main message

4 = Clear, specific, convincing identification of the key message the images convey.

3 = General identification of a message; or focus is specific, but seems to miss the point

2 = Some vague ideas about the message, not clearly articulated

1 = Some mention of a message

Visual analysis: Similar to Option 1, but connections need to be to the message / argument instead of to mood / emotion. Analysis should account for all the important features of the images and analyze why or why not they are effective in supporting themessage / argument.

How information left out might change interpretation

6 = Excellent job noticing what is NOT there, and convincing, specific explanation of how it would change the interpretation of the images

Less than 6: Information identified not plausible, or not clearly connected to message, or

interpretation of this hypothetical missing information is not logical or convincing

Content breakdown for option 3: Political cartoon

4 pts. Identify main message: See description for option 2 above.

12 pts. Analysis of effectiveness: See description for option 2 above.

6 pts. At least two alternations that would change the message. See description for option 1 above. How the changes would change the political message must be specific and convincing.

Verbal (visual) expression of content, all options

10 = Clear, eloquent, stylish writing; a pleasure to read. Grammatical; all words spelled and used correctly; no writing errors. Stays within limits (1 page, 300 words).

9 = A potential ten with a point off for some flaw.

8 = Solid writing, expresses ideas clearly, grammatical, does the job. Minor errors only.

7 = Satisfactory. Writing expresses ideas adequately, but is wordy, has grammatical or diction or spelling errors, or is imprecise.

6 and Below. Serious writing problems. Not up to college level. Placement in this range will depend on the volume and seriousness of problems.

BONUS POINTS on Expression:

Available for excellent writing and also for good use of visual thinking in diagrams or drawings that supplement the written text. (Limit for visuals is 2 extra pages, including the reproduction of art / graphics / cartoon.)