Grading System for Short Paper #1

30 points total

10 points: Analysis of slogans -- effectiveness, issues, assumptions

10 = Superb analysis. Gives new insight, shows deep thinking. Logic flawless.

9 = Superior. Thoughtful, thorough, logic is sound, shows careful thinking.

8 = Good. All points covered. Thoughtful. No major flaws, perhaps some minor ones.

7 = Satisfactory. Analysis superficial. May also be a mixed bag--good insights mixed with logical gaps or leaves out part of assignment.

6 & Below. Serious problems. Example: Doesn't follow assignment, illogical, unclear, thinking muddy. Says little, content mostly irrelevant.

5 points each: Evidence for, evidence against (10 total)

5 = Completely on target. Evidence makes sense and supports argument (counterargument) well

4 = Supports argument (counterargument) but logic not spelled out clearly.

3 = Evidence mentioned, seems related, but author has not connected it to argument.

2 = Something that might be evidence, but doesn't support argument (counterargument).

1= An unsuccessful attempt.

0 = This part of assignment missing.

10 points: Writing quality

10 = Clear, eloquent, stylish writing; a pleasure to read. Grammatical; all words spelled and used correctly; no writing errors. Stays within limits (1 page, 300 words).

9 = A potential ten with a point off for some flaw.

8 = Solid writing, expresses ideas clearly, grammatical, does the job. Minor errors only.

7 = Satisfactory. Writing expresses ideas adequately, but is wordy, has grammatical or diction or spelling errors, or is imprecise.

6 and Below. Serious writing problems. Not up to college level. Placement in this range will depend on the volume and seriousness of problems.