A student wrote (and I replied):

>ON ch. 9-10 from EI.

>for XYZ formula, does it mean "what the probelm is, what's wrong with it

>or how it makes you feel, and what could be changed"?

>IF I am wrong, please tell me what is the correct answer, or where I can

>find it.

See page 146 EI for the formula and its uses.

> on ch11-12

>I can't find where it talks of cancer patients' survival rates, where iis

>it so I can know what helps to improve their rates. ( is it that the

>doctors need to show more compassion for the patients, and that they need

>more emotional support from everybody)?

See pp. 180-181 EI


>Also, on the second ? regarding the emotions linked to heart disease, I

>can't find where they talk of the differences for men and women, could you

>guide me to where I can find the differences???

Reviewing this chapter, I realized that the male/female differences are hard to pick out from the many studies cited. See page 174 for a difference in emotional connections to heart disease for men and women. See p. 178 differences in the impact of isolation and how it differs for men and women.

Hope this helps! Holly